Kim Kardashian Butt Out of Control; Star Unsure How to Handle Badonkage

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Forget the demand for the ever-popular Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Something else related to her won't stop growing: Her rear end!

According to the latest issue of celebrity gossip tabloid In Touch Weekly, Kim is going through a "diet disaster" because her "butt won't stop growing!"

Look at that thing! It's bigger than the ego of Kanye West!

Sorry. These people just make it too easy sometimes.

Kim Kardashian Butt Photos

The magazine alleges that during a recent outing in L.A., Kim's “backside strained to escape the confines of her trousers,” an embarrassing incident documented on the cover above.

“Kim is desperate to lose weight," a totally real source tells the tabloid.

It's a noble aspiration, yes, "But she gets lazy and loves to eat."


This is an extra big problem at the moment because the Kimye wedding is scheduled for May and Kardashian fears she'll look “atrocious” and be “humiliated" at the event.

Even if that's true, though, whatever. Won't Kim just be getting married again in a couple years? You have to admit, it's a question worth asking given her track record.

Either way, the tabloids will have a field day with her for years to come ...


If I say my Heart deep feelings about hot KIM, Kim looks fucking amazing She is Too Lovely, too pretty, too beautiful, too gorgeous & too hot , I LIKE HER ??? BIG BOOBS AND BIG ASS ROUND SHAPE, her White Ass is so big and I love Big Boobs & Ass…...oh my my. Picture is so perfect and looks Sexy & Highly Flammable.


Her but is disgusting. Are you kidding me ! Can't imagine seeing that un clothed, ugh. Looks like cottage cheese , barf.


You look at Kim's big butt and K West was thinking back in the 80's of a song by 69Boys, " To much booty in the pants.


Nah.. It's not the weight. That's a diversion from what she doesn't want the public to know.. Problem is, the public already knows...& her very own surgeons leaked she has fat transfers to her butt (brazilian butt lift) on a constant basis since 2006. If you look at 2006 pics, she is curvy but completely pancake flat. (2006 and earlier pics are genuine throwbacks, not that 2009 ish she posted a few days ago. ROFL).

@ Duke

Bravo someone sees it👏👏👏👏😂 she just took it to far this time with fat transfer 🙈🙊


Black guys must skeet cream filling.


Eat less…workout more…it's all a matter of how bad you want to lose weight….not rocket science people.


Eat less…work out more….its all a matter of how bad you want to lose weight…..not rocket science people.




She had fat put in her behind. Obvious.


love the body shaming on this page, the media enjoys picking on people over the dumbest shit, and they end up fucked up and crazy as a result, this bullshit needs to stop

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