Keeping Up with the Kardashians Klip: The Plane Truth?

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What will take place on this Sunday's new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

That's what Khloe and Kendall want to know!

In the following sneak peek at the next new installment, the First Family of Reality TV is in a private jet (naturally) on their way to San Francisco because Kanye West has told them he has a birthday surprise plannd for Kim Kardashian.

What could it be?!? We all know the answer, of course, but watch the sisters speculate below:

The series itself has been in the news a lot this week, with talk of the Kardashians signing a $40 million deal to film beyond Season 11.

But will Bruce Jenner be included in future seasons? That answer remains unknown at this time.

Meanwhile, you can watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online at TV Fanatic and you can toggle through this gallery to see - SPOILER ALERT... KIND OF! - what goes down on E! Sunday:


Looks like a picture of a nice airplane. I wouldnt fly in one of those little pieces of shit plane for nothing. Too dangerous.


Bruce split because kim and kayne moved in, and Chris is okay with that shit!, but Bruce couldn't put he a little putting green outside couldn't have friends over and only had small part of the garage for helicoptors, that lady is f--king sick, not even a family in the hood dosen't have that much drama, in there life. and if thats true about Bruce having sex change everyone can blame his wifey for that, always on his ass about how he dressed and he looked, oh! wasn't it Rob that took Bruce for earings and they wonder why. i just hope he's doing his surgery to look better for himself or health issues, well he is living on his owen away from Cruella. Thank God he finally woke up!!!


Josie Gonzales-Langsdorf might not make it 24,hrs in hospice Please let Scott know he came to visit her in toledo ohio...SHES in PERRYSBURG Ohio hospice


Josie Gonzales-Langsdorf might not make it 24,hrs in hospice


Josie Gonzales-Langsdorf is in hospice might not make it through the night


Good God, please take this "show" off the air already!


this doesn't exhist in that entire family.

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