Kanye West BLOWS UP on Stage: This Ain't No Joke!!!

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Sorry, Khloe Kardahian.


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    I wish someone somewhere had kept just a count of his numberous rants, from about his stupid Taylor Swift rant forward. What a jerk!!!


    Y'all stop supporting his ignorant ass......reading about his rants are enough for me.....u couldn't give me a ticket to his show or nor I want any of his products...


    This man has a serious problem ,so Heaven help Kim, if she is not worried now, she should be. If she had any sense at all, which she does not, then she would run now and keep running.

    @ Evie

    I AGREE with your statement. But, Kim has a KNACK for choosing the most IGNORANT guys on this EARTH. Kanye is a real SKITSO, and she should start running now, and NEVER EVER marriy this NUTCASE. He has a TEMPER, and when you think of ALL his rants, he doesn't even have any RESPECT for himself, or others, let alone HIMSELF. He is NOTHING to be proud of and what woman needs a companion of this calibre. One has to be VERY HARD UP to even be dating this MORON. It looks like he has a PROBLEM of being BLACK.

    @ Geronimo

    I am definitely NOT a fan of KW but just because he goes off that means he has a problem being black? That comment does not make any sense at all.


    try to find the explanation on: Tsar Bomba.


    Maybe people would have some respect for him if he learned proper english. Is y'all in the dictionary? He is definetely low class.

    @ joenamherst

    You hold it against someone for saying "y'all"? I'm not a big Kanye West fan, but here in Maryland, y'all is very much a part of the language. Slow down a bit, Joenamherst.

    @ Mike

    I live in Maryland and yes we say
    Y'ALL a lot.


    try the 'Tsar Bomba' on him, please.


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    Off-the-charts egomania combined with self-destructive narcissism will lead him straight into a jail cell, or a padded room


    This man has some serious anger management issues, if it is as simple as that. This could be a brain disorder or who knows what? What it's not is normal behavior! His fans pay good money to honor him as an artist, they are his fans, not his enemy, yet he goes off at them. It may not be directed at them but they are being assaulted by these angry rants. What happens if Kimy displeases him, or is he saving it up for after they marry. She cannot be stupid so she must be questioning what she is getting into.


    He's NUTS!! Like most nuts he doesn't realize it nor does dumb Kim!!

    @ Sherron

    I am pretty sure he has gone off on Kim. We won't find out til they separate. Right now he is showering her with expensive gifts so she has turned a blind eye to his problem.

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