Justin Bieber Drinks Wine, Enjoys "Classy Night" with Chantel Jeffries

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Justin Bieber is just trolling the police at this point.

With the singer already facing DUI charges, and with felony charges possibly on the way, Bieber posted a photo to Instagram Friday night of himself chugging some red wine.

The 19-year old, of course, is not of legal drinking age in the U.S.

“Classy night #painting,” Justin wrote as a caption, while rumored girlfriend Chantel Jeffries also unveiled an online picture that evening of wine, candles and strawberries. 

Check out the latest shot of Bieber on Instagram and then toggle through a number of other images from this social media account, including ones of Bieber shirtless, Bieber with Selena Gomez and more:


He is now interesting to people older than fourteen, and it took bad behavior to do it. The world loves a good crash and burn, and the Biebs is their favorite subject. Because he has thumbed his nose as so many things others hold sacred, people want him to fail. I am sure most will be disappointed when he overcomes.


Let things die down a little bit and before you know it he will f*ck up again because the media stopped riding his d*ck.


No pictures of Chantel Jeffries with Justin that night. All you see is a pic of Justin with a wine glass with unknown contents in the glass. There’s another pic of candles and strawberries. The Instagram photos could be for someone else.


Maybe HE should quit posting pics all over the social media.


I agree with bob....he just a kid and well when kids feel sad or stress they act out....Justin is just a kid who got lost in the media.....he will be fine if we just gave him some space


EVERYONE!!!! LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE!!!! he is acting out cause he has millions of people up his ass every two seconds! if we all just gave him some time to think about his actions he would be fine....oh and dear media...GET A FUCKING LIFE!!

@ bob

hey bob, stop blaming the media for his actions....and y do u care u r a dude right?


How old are u mister Baja


Justin Bieber needs to be ignored. He gets far too much press. Maybe then he will start to shape up and become the man he wishes to be. We have soldiers fighting in foreign countries younger than him - that are growing up fast, doing the right things for our country. What is his excuse for his deplorable child like behavior. Can Hollywood Gossip come up with an embargo on this child/man and maybe without the attention encourage behavior change. I dare you.


.......a blowjob is harmless.

@ Mister+Baja

Your right!!!!!

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