Britney Spears Lip-Syncing Video: Singer Busted AGAIN in Vegas!

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Lip-syncing rumors continue to dog Britney Spears.

After a rash of reports circulated that Brit wasn't singing live when she kicked off her Las Vegas residency late last year, a new video has gone viral.

The clip shows a Britney Spears wardrobe malfunction of the technical sort, as her mic pack flew off of her waistband, pulling her earpiece away from her mouth.

Of course, her vocals didn't change AT ALL. Watch:

Commenters on Instagram were quick to call her out.

“#Lipsyncforyourlife” @andres_santana_ wrote.

Another commented, “Playback or nothing!”

Britney Spears lip syncing accounts are not new, or surprising, but before “Piece of Me” residency began, her reps were insisting she would be singing live.

“Britney Spears will be singing live during her show (and) she will not be ‘lip-synching,’” her rep said, while Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph was quoted as saying:

“There might be some numbers where she’s full out dancing with a (vocal) track underneath her, but there won’t be any lip-syncing across the board on anything.”

So much for that.

Last fall, reports also surfaced that Spears leaned heavily on backing vocals from Myah Marie for her song, “Perfume,” though her rep shot down that gossip.

Still, the more this keeps happening, does it make you less likely to take Britney seriously as an artist? Or is the Vegas show proof positive that it matters not?

Do you think Spears is lip-syncing on stage, and do you care? What's your favorite weird a$$ Britney live moment (below)? Let us know in the comments!


she can dance and sing all what she lost is the confidence because of those haters and people who keeps on bragging/judging her. She's not a perfect woman. No one else is. All you have to do is just leave her alone. You can't take looking her doing that? There's no problem with that , "DON'T MIND HER BUSINESS" , you have your own. Ever since when she's starting her career she said that she can't be a role model cause all she wants to do is sing, dance and perform on the stage because that's what she wanted to do and when she's not in the stage she's just an ordinary person like us. Just give her respect because she does nothing on you. She is here in the music industry because we, the britney army ( her fans) love seeing her performing. She already proved herself what talented she had. She don't even stepped on anyone's reputation (especially celebrity) cause she knows what it feels like. She already feel that way during her breakdown but after that she's now recovering from it. She's a sweet, nice and kind-hearted woman you can ever had. You can't see that because you haven't experienced living with her nor be her friends either. So, don't be judgmental. You only know her name or all those nonsense reports and gossips made by the paparazzi just to had something to talk about in media but you don't know her full life on what she gone through and what she feel inside.

@ girly

She doesn't want to sing.....SHE WANTS TO LIP SYNCH!!


Well, her recent music is not as good as the music she did in the past. So, I am not really concerned if she sings terribly or so.


I think does it for the money, and to stay famous. She knows pretty soon there won't be any offers. She has to strike while the iron is hot. She can make millions now. I don't believe anyone is forcing her to do it. We do a lot of jobs we hate for a hellva lot less money. I don't think she's crazy, I think she's insecure, afraid she's not that good an entertainer. So she's awkward. She's smart to make the money while she can, because she is going to fade away.


Honestly you can see her in voice she looks forced to be there. You can tell she's not into it. Britney isn't fooling anyone, you can see it all over her face. Just going through the motions.


Britney must be tied into a contract with her record company forever. I believe she wants out. The mean comments are not right. Have you met the devil, its a record company. Poor thang.


She's second rate compared to the disgusting Beyonce Knowles 'The Undisputed Queen of Lip Synching'.


oh Britney, you are so passé. retire girl. you look friggin ridiculous at your age. you will become a laughing stock if you don't stop the ridiculous dancing and lip sincing. girl, get out nowwwwwwww


Why is she lip-synching? Did she lose her voice?, did she lose her ability to sing ? I don't understand this at all. She is a singer and that is what she is supposed to do. She's in Vegas and people go to her shows not only to see her shake her ass but they want her to sing, really sing! This is what she is paid to do. Why should anyone pay to see her in concert and she is lip-synching? No one should go to these shows. Who cares if she's on meds!!!!


My hat is off to her. With all she has been through, she is at least trying to work and support her Family. It is hard as hell to function with mental illness and I think we should all just give the lady a break.


Probably not on Vicodin, but much stronger Bi Polar or similar meds. How many celebrities do you have to watch go through this serious mental disorder, before it sinks in. These people are functioning because of heavy medication that turns then zombi like Amanda Brynes, for awhile, then "kinda" like their old selves eventually. They will never be the same. God help them when and if they decide to go off their meds. Mental illness is not entertaining to most people. These two women are still under conservership which means they are not capable of taking care of themselves. Got it?

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