Britney Spears Lip-Syncing in Vegas: Critics Can't Believe the Obvious!

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Britney Spears officially launched her Las Vegas residency on Friday night, and music critics are pretty sure that she lip-synced the entire performance.

This is not a surprise, as it's what Britney Spears does. But her manager, Larry Rudolph, previously stated that Spears would be singing live, claiming:

"There might be some numbers where she's full out dancing with a (vocal) track underneath her, but there won't be any lip-syncing across the board."

However, observers at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Sin City over the weekend said she was in fact lip-syncing across the board.

So maybe that's why Katy Perry was not impressed?

Excerpts from some reviews of her opening night:

Rolling Stone: "While the show's producers claim Spears is singing along with backing tracks of her own voice, there was little evidence Britney sang a live note."

L.A. Times: "The singer's presence felt so diminished - her dancing a tentative shadow of what it used to be, her vocals apparently lip-synced for the majority of the show."

Billboard: "The vast majority of the show was lip-synced; only occasionally were seemingly live vocals heard. There was a certain thrill in actually hearing Spears breathing into the mic - however infrequent."


USA Today: "These club-oriented tunes all require such different effects that her voice surely had to be run through computers to correspond with the tone of what was recorded in the studio."

That last one is more diplomatic, at least.

It isn't the first Britney Spears lip-syncing "expose" you will read. Nor will it be the last. Remember the isolated vocal track that leaked a few years ago?

The question is why anyone is surprised, or cares at this point. Lots of artists do it, and it's hardly a mystery or an art of deception on her part in 2013-14.

Britney Spears' actual singing has never been award-winning material, and anything after her 2007 meltdown should be viewed through a different lens.

She is what she is at this point.

Like many longtime fans, Miley Cyrus likes to grind to her music. People will pay to see her dance a lot during a sort of risque Vegas career retrospective.

Whether she sings live or not is not up for debate. She doesn't. Hardly at all, if at all. If you don't like the fact that she doesn't, then don't go see the show.

If you don't mind, just enjoy!


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People people, everyone lip syncs!!! It's their voice they are lip syncing too is all!


Katy Perry's behavior was rude. If she couldn't show some enthusiasm she should have stayed home. She also,lip synchs a lot. When she sings, she is off. Key, also a lot.


The song should not be Work Bitch, it should be Sing bitch, really Sing Bitch!!!!


Thank God for her backup dancers...they really got a workout trying to make her look good. She used to be an amazing dancer and the lip syncing was a given but now it seems her costumes or lack of are the only thing that keeping the eye on her. It's kind of sad.


You guys should read up on use of playback or lip sync. innumerable music stars have used it on occasion going back to The Mickey Mouse club days. It was not invented by Beyonce! The fact is you cannot properly sing if you do a lot of body movements on stage. I am talking about dancing and singing at the same time; some like Pink and Timberlake know when to pause their movements while singing. Try singing while simulating a fight scene as Justin Bieber does in Never Say Never at his concert, or Chris Brown doing Karete moves on stage as he did at an awards show. It's not easy. You should sing without lip sync if you merely stand or sit on stage. I could say more but that's enough-you probably won't read it anyway.

@ ivan

Every artist you mentioned is a hack. Beyonce? Mickey Mouse Club? Beiber? Of course they all lip sync. But did the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Guns N Roses or Bob Dylan ever lip sync? You kids today will eat the crap they feed you because the put sprinkles on turds. In my day, we just wouldn't eat the turd. Period.

@ John

How do you know they didn't? Plus, all of those artists you just named didn't do elaborate dance numbers when they performed. Have you ever tried dancing and singing at the same time? It's hard. Besides, if they are lip-syncing to their own voice and not someone else's, why does it matter so much?

@ John

^^^^ applause- thank you ! The music scene right now is focused on style rather than substance- as long as you can be sold sexually, your actual talent is irrelevant. I hate that genuinely talented singers are almost an endangered species, while incompetent, talentless, auto-tuned hacks are getting undeserved accolades.


I sincerely doubt those who are attending her Vegas show are there for her vocal skills. She's pure bubble gum pop and that's what you get!


If the entertainer in question is hopping and jumping & dancing their heart out on stage during a number, they are surely lip syncing because it is 'almost' impossible to sing live while dancing voraciously from one end of the stage to the other and still be able to carry a tune without getting out of breath. The best-of-the-best have all admitted to it at some point in their careers. If Brit wanted to sing live, she would have to forgo the fast dancing moves and just allow her background dancers to carry the show in that department while she stands front and center on stage and sings live.

@ Sunday

You obviously haven't been to Justin Timberlake's 20/20 tour. He's singing live and dancing more then ever before for 3 hours. Britney isn't even dancing that much anymore. Also Pink flying through the air doing acrobatics is singing live. It is possible when your in shape and can actually sing.

@ cindy

I don't doubt you Cindy - I'm sure you're right!
But it is exceptionally hard to do. Anyone who CAN do that is obviously very talented.


all poptard flesh puppets are studio fiction and lip sync from Mariah to Britney-they ALLL do it because Pop is a "entertainment" outlet and has really nothing to do with music as an art form it is just a back drop for the strip show-so if you like music -you don't even care what Britney, Beyonce, MeMe, RiRi, Janet, Madonna do because these bee-yotchs are strippers not musicians and that's why she is in Vegas

@ fatal

They don't all lip sync. Just because Britney lip syncs does not mean all other singers do. That is so far from the truth.

@ fatal

LIE. They don't lip sync.

@ fatal

Excuseeee me! The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler is no stripper. She had a good run in Vegas too, at Caesar's Palace. Fatal is just mad because the strippers in his cow town won't give him a lap dance for any amount of money!

@ Divine Glory

hahahaha good for you.

@ fatal

Excuse me! Don't insult Vegas! Celine Dion did Vegas and she is no stripper. She's a powerhouse vocalist.

@ toni

Which is why she doesn't need to dance as much. Real musicians don't dance much, they don't need to.

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