The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: Apollo's Creed

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 13 saw tensions boil over between Apollo Nida and Brandon DeShaver, which probably isn't surprising.

After all, if the episode was taped 9-10 weeks before Kandi Burruss’ play, as was implied, filming of these events probably took place in mid-September.

The significance of that timeline?

An investigation that led to Apollo Nida being charged with fraud and identity theft kicked into high gear September 13 with his phone and laptop were seized.

On that day, Apollo discovered the woman he was working with on the alleged scheme had turned on him, and that the feds were officially on his behind.

Knowing this was going down following the charges that were filed just last week puts an interesting spin on the events that played out on Bravo Sunday.

Perhaps, he was a little on edge. Knowing a prison sentence is on the horizon will do that to a person. Especially one who's already kind of a hothead.

You've got to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to appreciate it, but Apollo came at Kenya Moore’s friend Brandon DeShaver. HARD.

Beating on him until others broke up the melee, the final moments of the episode featured Nida taking off his shirt and preparing to go at DeShaver again.

“To Be Continued” popped up on the screen.

The episode that saw of the most violent fights in the six-year history of the hit program began with Kenya Moore telling us some interesting gossip.

She'd heard, or claims she had heard, that Cynthia Bailey‘s friend Natalie was in a “common law” marriage with Christopher Williams, an R&B singer.

NeNe Leakes, obviously, hosted a “pajama pillow talk” party - co-ed, no less - inviting Chuck and Mynique Smith and Malorie, Cyn’s sister, among others.

NeNe, dressed in sex lingerie for the occasion, feeds them uncomfortable questions, including whether Porsha Williams would be down if her man was bisexual.

Apollo mentions he used to go to strip clubs “every day" but says nowadays it's “more on the social level.” He defends the money he spends there, too.

When NeNe broaches the subject of Kenya accusing Natalie of being “common law” married, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 13 goes haywire.

Tempers star to flare. Chris gets up to stop Kenya from approaching his wife. Peter tries to push back Brandon, Kenya’s friend, who gets up to support Kenya.

Then Brandon starts to get the crazy eyes, words are exchanged, Peter pushes Brandon back, and Apollo joins in and starts punching Brandon feverishly.

The cast pulls them apart as everything gets out of hand.

NeNe yells at Kenya for provoking this whole mess.

Then, she instructed everyone there to get real.

Good luck with that.

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That Ne Ne is crazy are they paying to behave like that you stir trouble and you expect people to be calm when you yoursel is out of control when things ate said .Who is this woman?


ne-ne looks like what she is a big, man looking, big nose, hood rat, ghetto a$$ loudmouth,


Nene has reverted to her old self -- GHETTO STRIPPER! When she thought she would get a television contract, she started to try and clean up her image and try and paint herself as the peacemaker. Now that she has no prospects of a acting job, she is trying to secure herself as the "star" of Housewives. She truly started this mess. If she had any class she would not have brought up the discourse the girls had previously. Apollo needs to be jailed with Peter (jamacian thug)

@ annette nunnally

after looking at that last episode.....NeNe started that drama. Had she kept her mouth shut that fight would never have happened. And she had the nerve to yell at Kenya.....she was the one


Part of the team big boy Chuck hiding behind his wife. Standing there wondering which way to run!!!!!!! First of all sneakie,shadie Cynthia started the whole thing...she knew exactly what she was doing...she just beat Marlo to the bs......thats why she was there to get something started. when u c Marlo it's for wouldnn't surprise me if the whole fight was fake. They still will bring home big cks bc we watch


nene must have been on something, greg just sat there and let that moose loose

@ serene

after looking at that last episode.....NeNe started that drama. Had she kept her mouth shut that fight would never have happened. And she had the nerve to yell at Kenya.....she was the one


On Another site they are saying that the Producers saw NeNe do a line of Coke. So I guess this is why she thought Kenya started the whole thing even though everyone else say Christopher standing up to address Kenya and in Nene's small mind Kenya had no right defending herself and what gave Christopher the right to put his hands on Kenya. Apollo and Peter had Nothing to do with Nothing and should have been arrested for Jumping Brandon. I Really do believe most of them were High cuz everyone watching TV saw what happened . Kenya came late her only Mistake. I bet had she known she would be put infront of a firing squad she would have went home. Why does it seem as though the rest of them can say whatever they like and Throw Shade and when Kenya does it the world is coming to an end?




N also they all r some DAM fools they can't see that nene misarble I would of left they all should have left n she would have felt very stuiped like she look with her ugly a$$ DON'T FEED NTO BULLSHIT LADIES Y'ALL ALL HAVE GOOD THINGS GOING ON BESIDES THE SHOW NOW WHAT DO NENE HAVE NOTHING BUT THAT SHOW BUM!!!




Nene stirred all that up - that's why she was so angry Kenya was late; that was a set up. If someone is already insulting you ["Don't know what meds you're on Kenya"], stand up and face them. Kenya probably turned her attentions to Natalie to shut her yapping down (constantly stirring things up while her husband was about to make a whole speech about what only him and Kenya know). Natalie is upset because she's embarrassed and wants the sympathy for herself. Anyone can see she is another pot-stirring ("Kandi's man is an opportunist"), attention seeking jealous woman that wasn't picked to be on the show... Meanwhile, Christopher should have NEVER put his hands on Kenya. Then Peter wrongfully jumps up after Brandon defends Kenya (like a gentleman should) and belts him in the throat with a Karate move causing Brandon to fly backwards. WHY? Let's not talk about Apollo LOSING his mind and choking Brandon while he flung his wife and another woman back so he could get some more licks in... Can we say Nene got what she wanted with all that DRAMA? Then had nerve enough to act like Kenya started it all because she didn't stay seated. All of this is SO embarrassing to every class level in the African American community!


I agree 100%.


AMB you are so correct, these black suppose to be respectable people are every aspect of the word!!!!


You are absolutely right!!! NeNe should had more class and control, it was her party for gods sake. And Christopher should have never touched Kenya, I personally think he didn't want her to talk the truth bc he's lying. So he escalated the drama off of himself.