Richard Sherman Wins NFC Title for Seahawks, Flips Out in Postgame Interview

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The Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers 23-17 tonight, earning a trip to the Super Bowl against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on February 2.

The game was up for grabs until a Colin Kaepernick pass that was up for grabs in the endzone with 30 seconds remaining... only for Richard Sherman to make an incredible play while defending Michael Crabtree and bat the pigskin away for an interception.

And it's safe to say Sherman was proud of himself afterward.

In the cornerback's postgame interview with Erin Andrews, he referred to himself as the best corner in football, while labeling Crabtree as "sorry" and going off in epic fashion.

Watch the All-Pro leave the sideline reporter confused and flummoxed now:


That is a cool picture of Richard Sherman and Erin Andrews. Is Erin still having trouble with her stalker who was illegally videotaping her named Micheal from Georgia who went to prison.


Sounded like he was high on something. Hopefully, winning.


Another black athlete chimping out on public tv...typical of the no class,thug behavior so prevelant among aa players.When they're not smoking crack and raping mudshark white skanks i hear they find some time to hit the local KFC too.


Why they would stick a microphone in front of this guy is a mystery. He talked for 8 seconds and nobody could understand a word he said! Ebonics jibberish. His education. Level must be that of a 3rd grader. The fact that they make all that money is a joke. Ignorant all the way around.