Patti Stanger: Bisexual Men are Just Gay!

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Patti Stanger is facing some backlash this week for comments she made on Bethenny.

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    All one has to do is Google it online and study the hundreds of thousands of articles done by doctors and scientists about this if someone really wants to put aside narrow-minded thoughts and actually educate themselves. Bisexuals are actually gender neutral, because of the function within the part of their brain called the amygdala formed before birth, they have no actual gender of their own which some might classify as "abnormal", and that's why they are attracted to both genders. On the other hand, also because of the function within the part of the brain called the amygdala formed before birth, which some might classify as "normal", hetrosexuals are attracted to those opposite their own gender, and homosexuals because of the function within the part of their brain called the amygdala formed before birth, which some might classify as "abnormal", are attracted to those of their own gender - which is exactly why it's impossible for a bisexual to be either a homosexual or hetrosexual. In truth, it is only society and bigots within it who look to judge and classify others as "normal" or "abnormal" because the only REAL "normal" is the setting on a clothes dryer.

    @ Phillipi

    Unfortunately, most sexual deviancy is accompanied by malignant narcissism, autism, atheism and sociopathy.

    John Maynard Keynes and the Fabians are the mothers of modern, Gay-Liberal-Socialism.
    Keynes was characterized by his male sweetheart, Lytton Strachey, as “A liberal and a sodomite, an atheist and a statistician.” His particular depravity was the sexual abuse of little boys. In communications to his homosexual friends, Keynes advised that they go to Tunis, “where bed and boy were also not expensive.” As a sodomistic pedophiliac, he ranged throughout the Mediterranean area in search of boys for himself and his fellow socialists.


    Bisexual people can't help that they're attracted to both sexes any more than gay or straight people can help that they are attracted to a single sex. It's NOT the same thing whatsoever!! I am a straight woman who, many year ago, dated a bisexual man for a bit. He likes BOTH women and men so that makes him bisexual NOT gay... Gay implies men only

    @ Megan

    You're sick.. Anyways you were with a man that likes other men... LOL... Sicko!! Strange and nasty.


    Bisexual is the same as gay! If your straight your always with the opposite sex. If your bisexual then you like both men and women. Hello people bisexual is like being gay... If your a man and you can take another mans penis then I don't care if you like women too.... You are gay! If your a woman and your involved with another woman in any way then your gay! Dumb people here!!

    @ Me


    YOUR, is possessive. You're, means YOU ARE. We are on the same side, I think, but, you have to be careful when you call people, STUPID.


    I don't know any Christians who don't FEEL, that Jesus was a GAY-HIPPIE and a PACIFIST.

    He WASN'T...

    Revelation 22:15
    Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

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    This Just In... Dateline Gayvermont, 1-10-14..Lois And Louise Young Have The Carcasses Of About 20 Animals, All Sorts, Removed From Their Property. Not Sure If The 2 Women Are Siblings Or Married To One Another.

    If they're married, they are not guilty of ANYTHING...WE'RE JUST,

    @ David Merchant


    @ (((@))) JOY

    You are just trying to get us to hate GLBTGs.

    It's a JEWISH Conspiracy. KNOCK IT OFF!


    "Tony+C @ Me • about 3 hours ago
    Saying someone is gay implies they ONLY have feelings for the same sex so 'bi' makes more sense. But hey, most of us have varying degrees of attraction to all sorts of people so pigeon-holing can be misleading... and dangerous in the hands of obsessives (see above!)"
    When, in truth,
    Saying that somebody is gay, means that the poor soul was probably molested as a child. He/she is prone to depression, ALCOHOLISM, drug addiction, smoking and all other addictions. Probably an atheist and a sociopath.

    You blame all of your woes on us being HOMOPHOBIC. When, in FACT, your own self destructive behavior kills most of you before age 45.

    You are more likely to be murdered by another gay, than one of us.

    But, you, along with the Bloodthirsty-Hysterical-Femarxists, have all but destroyed our civilization, in less than an half century. It's called NIHILISM! You should be HAPPY...YOU'VE WON, SNOOKS!

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    Being gay may be here to stay but in mainstream America it will never be accepted no matter what laws they pass. Gays see their cause as a civil issue- I see it as a moral issue and the 2 will never merge into one. BI-Sexuals are the most fu*ked ones around. They are selfish, indecisive, unable to commit to anything but their own self centered desires. They are like "POLITICAL INDEPENDENTS" -can't make a commitment.

    @ Sims

    Sims, you are committing HERESY, but, you already knew that. Keep on keepin on, Brother...

    An intriguing analogue to the feminist hysteric is the homosexual activist. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), within the hysterical context, has also said that "in both sexes overt behavior is often a caricature of femininity."


    Bisexual is not "GAY". Gay people like the same sex *only*. If you think the word "gay" fits them because they like both, than the word "straight" must still fit them too. Bisexual people can't help that they are attracted to both sexes any more than gay or straight people can help that they are attracted to a single sex. It's NOT the same thing at all.


    She has freedom of speech. Nothing wrong with her saying what she prefers and what disgust her.

    @ Binky

    Fine about saying what disgusts her (though who really cares what she thinks?) but plain wrong about making a statement of 'fact' about all bisexuals being gay if what she means is that they are not really attracted to women. If a man can get a hard-on for someone, he's attracted - simple as that!

    @ Tony+C

    Toni, I detest Liberals...BLACK, WHITE, GAY, STRAIGHT, MAN OR WOMAN.

    Your little tags don't apply, except in your diseased, Savage-Solipsistic-Brain¿¿

    @ Tony+C

    Your superciliousness and condescension trumped your Paganism, didn't it, Scroto¿¿

    @ Tony+C

    "Your misogyny and xenophobia trumped your homophobia, in other words! How true to type."
    My goodness, have a bottomless chasm, full of your LABELS, don't you, Cupcake¿¿

    @ Tony+C

    You dreadful little man...Just telling you that something is BAD FOR YOU, has you wanting to guillotine us.
    I realize, everybody FEELS, that I hate gays. JUST THE EVIL ONES¿¿

    I don't like Chris Christie for president, because he is too LIBERAL. BUT, HE DID APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT HAPPENED with the bridge.

    When Hillary sent openly gay Chris Stevens to be raped and slautered, in the SATANIC-CESSPOOL, I wanted to wring her fugging neck. We get the government we DESERVE¿¿

    @ Light_V_Dark

    "When Hillary sent openly gay Chris Stevens to be raped and slautered, in the SATANIC-CESSPOOL, I wanted to wring her fugging neck."

    Your misogyny and xenophobia trumped your homophobia, in other words! How true to type.

    Game, set and match. Bye.

    @ Light_V_Dark

    Oh dear... it's one of those unemployable old misanthropes looking for scapegoats for all his inadequacies.. and he's off his meds again!

    How do you come to your conclusion from me saying: "(I'm) Fine about (her) saying what disgusts her..." ?

    Take another pill, lunatic. In fact, double the dose - they're obviously not working.

    @ Tony+C

    I'm curious, big guy, why don't you comment on stories like Kim Jong Un feeding his uncle to 120 starving dogs?

    Perhaps, if Uncle Alpo had been GAY¿¿ TOO FUNNY!

    @ Tony+C


    If the young woman said she didn't like Drunk Drivers, would you be in such a lather?

    Homosexuals' average life span is 45 years, BOYS AND GIRLS.

    Jan 6 2014, 4:00pm
    Oh my... if ever there was a case of a terrified closet gay in denial, you must be it!! Nothing else could explain your obsession. For the record, I'm not gay and, like most 'atheists', I am not an advocate for hedonism - ultimately it is self-destructive.- but nor am I obsessed with it. Obsession itself is a form of mental sickness, no less than sex addiction. Physician, heal thyself!


    Agree with Patti, would NEVER be with a bisexual man, have nothing against them, but will never be part of it.

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