Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown Share Grossest Selfie of All Time

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Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown have set the selfie bar very high for 2014. It's going to be hard to top this effort ... in terms of public nausea induced.

To sum up the image in question, which really speaks for itself: Chris Brown is sticking his tongue out, and Karrueche Tran is sucking on that thing.


Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown Selfie

Looks like Tran's big plan to spend New Year's with Chris in rehab came to fruition, and the couple made the best of his less than ideal surroundings.

Give her credit for standing by her man through thick and thin ... but come on Karrueche Tran. Just ...  who sucks on another human's tongue?!

Putting aside the more obvious questions of who takes a photo of this and who shares said photo on the Internet ... who does this to someone, period?

We suppose the most positive spin we can put on the gnarliest selfie of 2014 so far (and very possibly for the whole year) is that Chris seems happy.

If he becomes the kind of dude who posts disgusting PDA pics with his girlfriend online instead of raging against girls and guys alike? A net positive.

Happy New year!

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I think it shudnt matter 2 others what chris posts its his choice he went to rehab so leave hom alone


karueche please go and get some help we all no that deep down inside you are just a sad and depress person you want to so the world that you are happy by sucking on chris lip but you are just a pretender with an agenda


Alright, none of this is true. Every one of you believe the stupidest gossip just so that Hollywood has something to talk about. This was an old selfie from when Chris and Karrueche were dating a few months back. He has said in his interview s that he doesn't want a relationship and that he just wants to show his fans he can do better without a girl and he's cleaning up his act, which he already has. And the Rihanna situation has been done with forever ago. Let it go. I've watched every single interview that Chris Brown has had and they were all during the time that Chris was supposedly "in rehab". And he has been tweeting all this time that he was in rehab. He never went to rehab for Rihanna. He's already done his time and punishment and he hasn't done anything that bad ever since. Except maybe the fight with Drake. But they're cool now and you people need to stay out of his business. I'm done. Bai


karruehe is talked about like a dog why would chris want to be with somebody like that she makes chris look so bad


Reposted: Translate | French translationSpanish translationtranslate Germantranslate Chinese Queen: Ok so I was browsing the web reading all kinds of gossip and news, mostly the same thing. When I came across a close aquaintence of Karrueche Tran (Chris Browns girlfriend) busting her out on all of her business. Here is what they said: I personally know Karrueche Tran, the gf of R&B singer Chris Brown and I want this tramp to be exposed. She is an opportunist and stops at nothing to get what she wants. She is ALWAYS bragging to her friends how chris buys her things and how lucky she is to get chris to notice her since she is trying to break into the fashion industry. I also went to high school with her and she befriended this girl only because she knew Omarion. She is a pure fame wh*re. Joyce, Chris Brown’s mom doesn’t even like her as she refuses to follow her on twitter but Joyce is somehow still following Jasmine Sanders and Rihanna, Both of Chris’ ex girlfriends. Interesting how she won’t mention or follow his current gf. Karrueche is also a known crack wh*re around the Los Angeles scene and is known to hang out in VIP at clubs to get celebs to notice her pathetic self. I and several other people know this for a fact. she’s done worse things including having sex with people to support her drug “habit. Please expose this whore on your website. She is very psychotic and manipulative. Chris has been trying to break up with her for months but she always threatens to kill herself. Chris is also trying to reconnect with his former flame Rihanna and Karrueche is throwing her psychotic episodes again. I’m not a fan of chris nor am I part of TeamBreezy, I just feel bad for the poor boy Chris. Please post this video of her on your website. It explains everything. People need to be aware of this CRAZY girl. DAMN really puttin her on blast! I wonder what she did to deserve this??? LOL

@ Char

I do think something is not right with her and there must be more things behind the scenes that we ignore. Your long paragraph just describes the tip of the iceberg, i.e., what most people can see, but I am sure there must be more to it. There comes a time when stubbornness is not a virtue; (people confuse it with perseverance) but a mortal sin that can lead a person to a calamitous destiny. We need to understand the signs of the times. It is good to be unstoppable when it is a worthy cause but to persist in an error is foolish.Ffool means to be stupid, silly, heedless, perverse or persistent in error. Heedless means you don’t listen to advice. Persistent in error is not talking about simply making mistakes. We all make mistakes. Persistent in error means we repeatedly make the same mistakes. If we truly believe in God then we should take advice from His word and we should learn how not to keep persistently making mistakes. If we are not fools then we must learn to not keep acting foolishly. This girl's pride has obviously blinded her to the point where she can't see beyond the present, how her actions are deleterious to herself and Chris, which explains why she has an agenda. Very sad.


It's cute let them be y'all. They are cute together . I can't wait till I find my Breezy


It's cute let them be y'all. They are cute together . I can't wait till I find my Breezy


Nasty! Why would anyone put this on the internet. It looks so very disgusting.


who will go "Knock Out"?


All time low, even for ChrisBrown, is this what he wants to be remembered for?