Justin Timberlake-Jessica Biel Divorce Rumors Rage On; Tabloid Claims Couple "Crumbling"

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Either Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have hit a rough patch, or every celebrity gossip tabloid editor just realized that the couple will sell magazines.

Either way, rumors of their imminent demise are circulating again this week, with OK! claiming the two are living apart and that it will soon be permanent.

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel Split?

A source says, “Justin and Jessica are battling over his long tour absences, his refusal to start a family, and his alleged liaisons with other women."

"Even though he says he hasn’t cheated on her, she is very suspicious and wants to know what she can use against him in court if it comes to that.”

Allegedly, Jessica has already hired a divorce lawyer, and even though it’s "breaking" her heart to proceed, she’s getting ready to move on, for good.

Justin’s rumored cheating in celebrity gossip tabloids isn't new. Then again, proof of it would be. So it's hard to take the "other women" angle at face value.

The source also adds that there's more to it, though:

“Before they wed, Justin promised Jessica they’d try for a baby," the insider alleged, "but then he decided to put his energy into touring instead."

"Jessica can read between the lines ... she feels like a widow, and one of her closest pals has said she was the ‘loneliest housewife in Hollywood.’”

The fact that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel don't make a great deal of public appearances together anymore is also fueling the rumors of a split.

Then again, they never have made that a habit.

Finally, the magazine speculates that perhaps Jessica Biel is pregnant, and just laying low to keep that out of the press. So there's that conflicting theory.

What do you think? Will these two make it?


Hello Justin Timelake hou are you? I think long time its Ben Affeleck, but hey is happy whit his familie, you are him brother? You like verry sweet. I go to sleep goodnicht and sleep wel. Greeting Arna Zijlstra


Do not see what "she sees in the guy Timberlake..;" and they definitely do not look like a good match.. she sensitive and he's insensitive/self-absorbed.. more polar attraction... than complement...


She's pregnant


He has a girlfriend and that's a fact. He will admit it publicly.


He wants Britney back! That's why this is hapinging and they will reunite at the PCA's next week.

@ Jessica

He does not want crazy robot Britney back. Please!

@ Jessica

I wish!


Can't stand Justin Timberfake so smug & arrogant! The way he let Janet Jackson take all the blame for that Super Bowl incident was appalling! You can do better Jessica!

@ Michael

OH MY GOD, LET IT GO!!!! It happened over ten years ago!!! Justin Timberlake is the most HUMBLE celebrity ever. Justin can do better than that witch face, mediocre actress Jessica. And he has done better. He just settled for that thing.


It's though just being in a normal, out of the 'spotlight' relationship...being in one that includes paparazzis following you around all the time is no doubt 100 times more difficult!!


mark these words: PEOPLE WANT THEM TO SPLIT!!

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