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The Twitterverse is once again showing its ugly side.

With Curtis Lepore – a viral Vine star who has amassed millions of followers over that video sharing service – facing accusations of rape, Internet users have turned their wrath toward Jessi Smiles, the ex-girlfriend at the center of this allegedly heinous crime.

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Not long after the troubling story broke, Twitter followers went online and blasted Smiles, issuing death threats along the lines of the following messages:

  • Hows it feel to lie about being raped?
  • F**king bitch he didn’t f**king rape you dumb bitch.

According to reports, Lepore and Smiles got close via Vine and then met in New York City for the first time last summer.

They dated for a couple months and then split in August. A few days later, after Smiles suffered a concussion while filming a video, Lepore offered to take care of her.

She supposedly fell asleep by his side and that’s when the sexual assault took place.

Since the story broke, Lepore has come out and told people not to pass judgment, while Smiles wrote that she “stopping living her life” six months ago, at the time of the alleged incident.

She has vowed that is “NOT going to happen again.”