Justin Bieber Deportation Petition Gathers 100K Signatures, Under White House Review

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The petition to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada has garnered over 100,000 signatures, surpassing the threshold for official White House review (seriously).


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    Aww MAN! Canada doesnt want him either....


    I'm not a fan of his,but I think that's going a little overboard.There are plenty of other people we should deport.How about Mel Gibson?

    @ poisonapple

    Bieber is white & Cadadian so Obama might deport him. If he was hispanic & Mexican, no way!


    back to the time 'Dire Straits' were the talk of the town?


    Please don't deport him back to Canada we don't want he either.


    In many ways this is the beginning of the end for his career. He will not be deported - he has no green card. He is on an entertainment visa with some tricky rules. All said this kind of attention he will not bounce back from. It is going to marshall unwanted scrutiny from people who did not know him. In the long run the lesson he never learned whether he is 19 or 60 with a professional career he is trying to build is how to be low key. You see in these United States low key is "cool" but more importantly, it has longevity.


    fuck drake bell bieber is just a typical 19yrs old doin shit all those who signed against bieber are broke haters its just a pussy hating world we live in


    I dont understand when other celebrity who is from another country or nation does something why dont people say they should get deported. He is just a kid, we all make mistakes i'm 14 and i make mistakes all the time forgive and forget. but n you guys are just a bunch of jealous wussies who have nothing better to do but talk shit about other people. do you guys know how many good things justin has done for kids but no you guys dont think abot the good he has done you think about the bad he has done i think most of does haters out there just need to get a life and leave justin bieber alone


    good for Justin haha

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