Jason Biggs Blasts Bachelor Contestant as Fat, Ugly

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Did Jason Biggs go too far last night?

Like millions of Americans around the nation, the American Pie star Tweeted his reaction to The Bachelor season premiere, saving most of his comments for the 27 women vying for the heart of Juan Pablo Galavis.

UNLIKE those other millions, however, Biggs' remarks were especially harsh.

“There are prettier faces being interviewed in the Florida State locker room right now," Biggs Tweeted while watching the ABC series, adding:

“I bet that girl who has 9 special needs family members lets them play with her big t**ties every now and then cuz what else right?”

But Biggs wasn't finished.

“This season’s contestants on #TheBachelor are a dentist’s wet dream," he quipped. "Juan Pablo will hate-f**k all these chicks. They will all convince themselves that they love him. He will be single when the show is over.”

Damn. Too harsh? Appropriate for women who throw themselves at a stranger on national TV?

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Where's the tweet claiming he got hacked?? It's either that or he was drunk tweeting.


As offensive as his comments are, I find it hard to believe he said them. However, it has come to our attention that Juan Pablo is not all that he's cracked up to be either. That he owes $3,000+ in back child support to the women he never married shows the true caliber of the kind of "man" he is. What women in her right mind would want to put up with 18+ years of haranguing with the mother of that little girl? Juan Pablo is a chump in my book, looks notwithstanding, which is about all he has going for him. True he's in good physical shape and he picked Nikki the pediatric nurse at the end, but I think he sees her as his meal ticket, more than his wife. I'd be surprised if he got married to anyone. After all, he lives in Florida and plays in the sun with a half-clothed body. He won't want any woman telling him to get a real job. The cover of mags will only last so long.


His opinion on this or any subject has value because?????? I can't think of a reason.


What's his problem? Maybe he should remove his foot from his mouth if it's not too late.


Jason Biggs is such a loser. Hey, bud try looking in a mirror and see that you are not a gem or a real catch in the looks department. There were so many very attractive girls with nice personalities for Juan Pablo to consider for his future. As far as teeth go, many women are getting veneers to improve the whiteness and shape of their teeth. I hope Jason's movie career will cease to exist now.


Gee...when I looked at the women they all appeared to be a size 0 or size 2. How is that fat? I was thinking that they should include some AVERAGE size women in the group and not only those with skin and bones. Jason is the ugly one and it doesn't neceessarily have to do with his looks.


Someone should tell him there is nothing attractive about him.


What a piece of trash. What gives him or any of you dingle berries the right to rate women on their physicality. Yeah it might be a dumb thing to look for love on tv but its a dumber thing to show how ignorant and shallow you are by belittling strangers based on their looks and to the women defending him wake the f#ck up. Unless yOu're cool with being an object someone can discuss on those terms. Someday that's gonna bite you in the ass and you're not gonna like it

@ cam

Spoken like a true Fat-@ss!


There was only one dog from that group Monday night...the hippie chick with no shoes and flowers in the hair. Wtf? But that redhead the thought she got called for a rose.....nice ass !!

@ hot+dumb+italian+Mike

I agree that she was the worst-I can't believe he even picked her. She acts like a high school girl. Maybe her parents have money and that's why he ultimately is looking for to finance his care-free lifestyle. I wouldn't be surprised that at least one of these women becomes "accidentally" preggers by Juan Pablo.


Jason Biggs, please look in a mirror.

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