Ireland Baldwin: Topless on Instagram!

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Dear Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian: Ireland Baldwin will see your recent sexy selfies.

And raise you her cleavage!

In a couple new Instagram photos, the 18-year old model proves that she's far from shy, first sharing a topless shot that leaves little to the imagination and makes it look like she's totally naked.

But "#imwearingatowel," Ireland wrote as a caption. Still, Alec Baldwin may wanna turn his attention elsewhere for a few moments...

Ireland Baldwin Topless

The teenager, who also isn't shy about voicing her opinion when it comes to her controversial father, gave fans a view of her opposite end online as well.

We're talking about the rear end, bikini style!

Ireland Baldwin Butt Selfie

Ireland didn't include a caption with this second picture because, really, what is there to say?

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If she's trying to be trashy... she achieved it! Now just go away!!


topless is in europe: SHOWTHOSE HONEY-BEES. american topless is legal at five year olds.


Ireland - you have a chic : model, movie star, college, porn star. Anyone can take their clothes off - and get attention.

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