Duck Dynasty Season 5 Premiere: Air Bud vs. Jason Bourne!

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Duck Dynasty kicked off Season 5 with back-to-back episodes last night... and nary a word about the Phil Robertson gay controversy.

Nope. It was business as usual for this family, which welcomed back a loved one and which held a few totally insane (read: awesome) conversations.

Viewers met Rebecca (and her five suitcases) early in the opener. Willie and Korie’s exchange-student-turned-daughter, she spent the last two years interning in the fashion industry way out in Los Angeles.

We were taken into her welcome home party, but couldn't focus on anything aside from Si watching Air Bud (because he was sick) and taking a stance more controversial than anything Phil said about homosexual or teen marriage:

Air Bud is superior to Jason Bourne.

"Could a dog do what Bourne does?" Phil asked incredulously: "You'll take a dog playing basketball over Bourne?"

Si, though, was undeterred. He expressed his love for the animal athlete genre in general, saying: "Seventh Inning Fetch – it made Field of Dreams look like Rookie of the Year."

Elsewhere on the premiere…

  • Willie bored his wife's cousin, John David, even though he looked like a "cave man." But he easily quoted Nacho Libre, making him the ideal assistant.
  • Phil said his secrets to health was to toss around dung. He instructed the younger family members to try it.
  • John Luke tried to explain why he's so into the art of the emoji, which leads to Jase revealing that he hates group texts: Stop having a conversation on my phone!
  • In a final movie reference of the night, Si gets talked into staying at Phil's house in his sickly state because Phil's wife doesn't want him home alone. "I'm like that young kid who was home alone. Macaulay Culkin," says Si. "I'll be alright."

What did you think of the Season 5 premiere? Happy to have the Robertsons back in your life?

Go watch Duck Dynasty online and sound off: is Air Bud really better than Jason Bourne?!?

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