Catherine Giudici Shares TMI Wedding Night Photo; Sean Lowe Lasts About 30 Seconds

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After getting engaged on The Bachelor Season 17, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are married! The two tied the knot in a special ABC TV wedding Sunday.

Going up against a Lorde Grammy performance and countless other moments from the music bonanza didn't help the ratings, but it's official just the same.

Also official? Sean losing his born-again virginity.

Catherine made it quite clear that wedding night sex was on the agenda when she Instagrammed this TMI pic of the just-married "Mrs. Lowe" in sexy lingerie:

Catherine Giudici Lingerie Pic

Last week, Sean Lowe had quite a great time shopping for lingerie for Catherine, buying teddies, panties, etc. In return, she documented this for him.

During their live wedding special, a pre-taped segment showed her getting together with one of her friends to get advice on how to pose for the photo.

Clearly, this cute couple leaves little to the imagination.

Why take this photo for her man? Giudici explained, “I want him to see me as a woman after the wedding. Which, of course, he will naturally after the wedding.”

Why share it publicly on the Internet? A little less clear.

"I feel like I’m a butterfly and I’m going to be exposed to him after the wedding," she added later of her plans to be deflowered by her husband ASAP.

It is not known whether Catherine was a true virgin or "born-again virgin" like Sean before The Bachelor couple exchanged vows, but we can tell you this:

We'd be surprised if Sean broke the one-minute mark.

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This picture is not from their wedding night. This entire article is fake and made up.

@ girl

Your 100% correct about this photo!!!! This photo was out about 2 weeks ago. It just comes to show that people need to stop always believing the damn tabloids. SMH

@ Laurie

Absolutely 100% correct. This was a photo take a few weeks ago at a bachelorette party!! What a fake article!!! Anything to get people to read! Oh brother!!!


What is so sexy about this photo. All you see is her legs, and honestly nothing special there.


Put some clothes on, you tramp. Who do you think you are, a Kardashian? No one wants to see your fat thighs...

@ Rayna

That is such a pathetic comment. You must have very low self-esteem to say such a negative thing about this girl. Do you honestly think she has fat thighs? Are you an idiot?

@ Rayna

Jealous much!!! And, Catherine is nothing like the Kardashian's, she has more class and elegance than anyone in that whole family. Oh, if your going to call somebody a tramp, please make sure you know the definition of a tramp. Wearing a shirt and shorts doesn't make you a tramp.

@ Laurie

Catherine is fat and sounds like Kermit the frog. Why would anyone be jealous of her? LOL!

@ Sammie

You and Rayna sound like the same person!