Lorde Grammys Performance Electrifies Crowd; "Royals" Wins Song of the Year

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Lorde took home the coveted Song of the Year prize at the 2014 Grammy Awards, after treating the crowd to a stirring rendition of that very track live.

The 17-year-old New Zealander's deadpan indictment of pop-star consumption run wild spend nine weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 last year.

Song of the Year is a songwriting award, which she shared with producer Joel Little. It's her voice, though, that led LL Cool J to introduce her as a legend in the making.

Think she lives up to that billing? Watch Lorde's Grammys performance below:

"Royals" was also nominated for Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance; Lorde's album Pure Heroine earned a nod as Best Pop Vocal Album.

The track, which is already heavy on silence along with her show-stopping vocals, was even more so Sunday at the start of her stripped-down rendition.

Donning uncharacteristically straight hair, a black-and-white pantsuit and black nails, Lorde painstakingly built up to the crescendo of the radio version.

Tremendous talent aside, she also looked every bit her age, with the normal level of teenage awkwardness, disdain and amusement on the podium.

What did you think of Lorde's performance? Did she deserve her place among the 2014 Grammy Awards winners? Should she have won even more?


I loved it.


love the song! But her dancing was weird. It looked as if she was having a seizure.


That Lorde song did NOT electrify anyone...other than Free Britney, perhaps. Lorde has talent, but her song wasn't any better "live" than it the overhyped studio version is. There were far more entertaining moments in the show.

@ Phil Esteen

Disagree 100% - it was the best moment of the night because it wasn't overblown, nor overdramatic (was Swift trying to have a kid with the piano?). Also, Lorde chose not to perform a carbon copy of the version from the record and which she's done on so many TV shows - at 17 she already knows how to keep her music sounding fresh. I actually consider her "Team" to be a better song, but Royals did the job and she proved you don't have to wear a thong or engage in overblown theatrics to succeed. The black fingers were an odd touch, I'll admit, but she wore bright purple lipstick to an event a few days ago too. It's called experimenting, which most of today's status quo pop stars refused to do.

@ Al

I agree team is kind of good or better than royals.I feel like the way Lorde acts is different than other singers but I guess that's what makes her unique and different from other singers.She is very talented!!And for me as a teenager she is a good role model.Keep it up!!!!

@ Al

Agreed. I was totally captivated by her performance. She brings something so unique, I think she's very refreshing. The other thing I loved about her performance is she looked like she was having a great time!

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