Rob Kardashian: Does He Have a Secret Son?

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With Kim Kardashian garnering all the parental family headlines this year, a new report suggests that this reality star may have something in common with her brother.

Yes, readers, Rob Kardashian could be a father!

Rob Kardashian in Sin City

During a recent gathering, Star Magazine sources say Rob told friends that a teddy bear sitting on his best was "for his son."

And this isn't the first time Rob has made such a reference. In May, he deleted the following message on Instagram, but not before it got burned in to the Internet forever:

“Shout to to God … Shout out Mom, shout out to my son’s mom cuz she been holding me down since high school n shout out to my son Robert the Third. lol”

The tabloid says "no one" in the family will discuss the possibility that Rob may have a child, but that these rumors have been around for awhile.

The son would be the result of a fling with a woman in Miami four years ago and, if he exists, would make Rob the THIRD Kardashian member to have a kid out of wedlock (joining Kim and Kourtney Kardashian).

Kris Jenner, meanwhile, has supposedly tried to keep the chatter at bay.

“Any time it’s even mentioned, Kris changes the subject,” alleges a family insider. “For whatever reason, Kris is fearful that Rob being a father could hurt the [Kardashian] brand.”

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I remember that episode. You have to go on Netflix or a free website. They were in Miami, she was Latina, her name was Rosa or Rosina something like that. So it could be true bx they never showed her again and he never mentioned her again like she never exisited. Crazy how Kris can say the girl would've had to have an abortion yet her girls can get pregnant by every Tom, Scott and Kanye! Smh hypocrite


Its awful that Kris would make keep him keep quiet about it. What if he loves that girl and wants to marry her and live with his son but wicked Kris is keeping him from having a family? He's a grown man and he should do what he wants, if he wants to announce to the world that he has a child and wants to marry the mother I think he should.


he is already teaching him Blowjobs to get things done?


Please ignore/delete my last comment. I was under the impression that Hollywood gossip deleted my comment, I am so glad it was posted.


I notice that my comment was erased I wonder why. It was only an opinion and was not negative at all. So I guess Kris Jenner has Hollywood gossip on her payroll as well. The truth is yes my comment was erased but GOD knows the truth behind everything. God will expose everything.


I remember there was an episode where Rob, was dating his African American girlfriend, and she told him she was pregnant. The next news came that his girlfriend had lost the baby, and the girl was never talked about after that episode.So sad the girl looked so sad,and so did Rob I can't remember her name. The young girl and Rob cried when she lost the baby it seemed he really LOVED this girl. Mommager, Kris Jenner, of course was not having it and told Rob, the girl would have to have an abortion. In my opinion, I would not be surprised at all that Rob would be a father. The girl probably did not have an abortion and signed a contract with Kris Jenner, that she would not exposed any information on the Robs son, and to stay away from Rob. I wonder could this be the reason why Rob has all the mental issues he dealing with these days. Remember, the kardashians clan lives by SECRETS. I can only say to the mother of the child, I give her prompts for keeping their Son hidden and from all this wickedness of the Kardashian empire. Please keep the baby safe,from satan's reach. Prayers for Robs little precious baby boy.(if any of this is true, god knows the truth).

@ curious

Hi i have watched all the episodes on E and they never showed that one?

@ curious

you are right! I remember that episode, but I thought she was Hispanic? and she was a stripper? he met her in a club actually ditching khole's African American female friend.


He named his son the Pillsbury Dough Boy!

@ hot+dumb+italian+Mike

LOL he did look pregnant