Miley Cyrus Wears Fur Coat in Concert, Sparks Outage on Twitter

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Miley Cyrus is taking heat once again for an outfit she wore on stage.

Only this time, oddly enough, it's for wearing too much clothing.

The 21-year old took to the stage in Miami Friday night at the BB&T center, strutting her stuff and belting out a few hits in what appeared to be a real fur coat.

And not long after photos from the performance went viral, the Twitterverse went nuts.

Miley Cyrus in Fur
Miley Cyrus Fur Coat Pic

"Miley Cyrus wears real fur! She may as well just go back to being half naked," wrote one user, while another got extra personal:

"Only thing more repulsive than @MileyCyrus is Miley Cyrus in fur. Her poor dogs, bet she'll skin them next to make a pair of booty shorts."

Miley, of course, is famous for how much she loves her dogs.

She's also best known for scarcely wearing any clothes at all, making this scandal especially ironic. Consider this nipple slip from her latest music video tease, for example.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus donning fur on stage?


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I think she looked amazing in that coat and her choice to wear fur, is her own !! I hope it kept her warm :)

@ Leathered

warm? then wear a pair of pants and a sweater fkn idiot what do you have in your head? poop??

@ Leathered

Yes, the coat looks amazing, but 100 of animals die in a horrible way for this, no! Have you ever seen what they do to these animals?
And the coat wasn't there to keep her warm. She wore it to get attention and to show off how much money she has!


Wearing fur, killing animals in anyway is wrong. What happen to you Miley? You used to seem like a real sweet person everyone likes. Now you care more about being on top at whatever cost. You are talented, pretty and I love your voice, you don't need to use gimmick to be on top. We like you just the way you were. It's so sad that you have changed.


Humans are such hypocrites and discriminate...never hear anyone protest the grocery store for selling flesh of animals to eat or a fast food hamburger joint that sells flesh of animals to eat....poor cute little minks, but slaughter a cow and eat it....I bet a lot of fur activists eats hamburgers lmao I don't care about the Untalented Skank Miley

@ freedom4sale

As the matter fact, there are activists protest in grocery stores, meat market and slaughter house against killing animals. Check Youtube for "Direct Action Eveywhere"

@ freedom4sale

Don't eat meat, don't wear fur! Why don't you investigate yourself how fur in manufactured and how animals are manufactured for human consumption! It is a disgrace.


So disappointing. ... and to think I've been sticking up for her all this time because I thought she cared about animals. Guess I was wrong.


HOW DO YOU KNOW IT'S REAL?!!! It could be fake - don't jump to conclusions.

@ Melia

Any star wearing something FAKE.. Are you in another world?


I don't have a twitter account or anything like that or I would send a message to Miley Cyrus there. Hopefully in some way this could be forwarded or passed along until it could get to someone who knows her (not impossible because I've seen things like that happen .. it could be a little difficult). I am praying for this girl (not because she wore a fur coat) because I'm sad to see someone who use to be confident, sweet and strong becoming unstable, sad and boarding on insane.. Dear Miley, I don't know you but I really think you deserve better than what is happening to you right now. I am praying for you. I hope you get better and find God again... and your sense of decency even though Hollywood/Rumors/Paparazzi is pushing you off the edge (in addition to your personal life issues). You need a rock. I don't think I'm the only one who misses the girl who featured in Dave Days "Last Song" music video... So many people look to you, appreciate you and adore you even though they don't know you themselves. So I'm saying this now because I can't think of a better time! Dear Miley, I'm praying for you to find God and have a merry christmas.. <3 Love Jeanie


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this kid needs cheap attention.
so Peta, do your thing.


How many animals had to die for that coat? Sad.

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