Justine Sacco: Racist Tweet on Flight to Africa Sparks Outrage, Controversy

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Justine Sacco, a PR executive, is in major hot water after publicly tweeting a racist “joke” during a flight to Africa that went viral and didn't go over too well.

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    Karma *shakes my head*


    If she needs to 'take a good look at herself' then boy, does Africa need to take a good look at ITself. Not only is Aids rampant with many Africans in denial because of dumb antiquated superstitions, their poverty-stricken, tribal societies are racked with extreme violence and rape, their leaders are nearly all corrupt despots and in some countries homosexuals are persecuted to the point of death or life-imprisonment. Justine Sacco is a saint compared to the bigotry and brutality of most Africans towards each other..


    She's not at all funny.


    Yes she is a douche for her comment but lord jesus firing someone for it is too much nobody is perfect


    Obviously, this was meant to be a racially charged tweet because she identified herself as white. As for doing her out of her job, I still say that depriving a person of their livelihood simply because of what they've said is taking things to extreme and goes to show that we do not live in a free society.


    Leave it to people to make sense of this stupidity which is CLEARLY what it was, you know what?? maybe it's time for those who are seen by millions or watched by millions to make BETTER choices as to what they tweet, Facebook or say in interviews, You mean to tell me she had some real meaningful sentiment behind it?? BULLSHIT she was probably drunk and thought it was funny and she got what she deserved. I don't care what she "meant" to say she didn't. Her comment was awful and I hope she learns her lesson.


    So it's okay to wish that the plane she's on crashes and kills her and everyone else on it? That's just as ignorant! This world is getting so ridiculous! Mabye everyone needs to look at their own life. I'm sure none of you had ever made a stupid comment in your life!


    Her joke was that aids spread faster in Africa. Don't act like you don't make jokes like that either we are in a tainted world. Build a bridge and get over it just because she was popular enough for her tweet to be seen by millions doesn't mean that other people don't say the same thing. That was stupid that she was fired she wasn't going to Africa for work related things hence they didn't know why she was going to Africa. I think it's stupid you're not suppose to mix work life with your private life but work can pull your private life into your work life and fire you. Bullshit!


    Is her joke about only black people get AIDS? Everyone can get AIDS. I'm not a fan of her sense of humor. Seems mean and boneheaded to me. Let's all just ignore her. Sometimes for an attention slut that is worst thing of all.


    What an odd comment for a person to make.

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