Justin Bieber Movie Bombs at the Box Office

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Justin Bieber may wish to put his musical retirement on hold.

The opening day numbers for the singer's new film, "Believe," are in... and they're rougher than guests look the morning after an all-night rager at Bieber's mansion.

Justin Bieber Believe Poster

The documentary played at approximately 1,000 locations on Wednesday and brought in only $1.25 million at the box office.

It finished behind such films as The Wolf of Wall Street, Saving Mr. Banks and American Hustle, coming in at #14 overall. OUCH!

Compare these figures with those of "Never Say Never" in February 2011:

It opened in three times as many theaters and garnered $12.4 million in jus 24 hours. It went on to gross $29.5 million for its first weekend of release.

Did fans simply feel as though they saw it all two years ago? Was the competition stiffer this time around? Or might they be sick of Justin's antics?

You know, like jerking them around with false retirement talk on Christmas Eve... like bodyguards constantly attacking photographers... like Justin telling the world he bangs bitches.

Why do you think Bieber's movie bombed? And do you think the artist can turn things around in 2014?


I"Believe" his 15 minutes are finally winding down...and as a Canadian I couldn't be happier. He and Rob Ford need to fade out with what little integrity they have left!


Biebers box office in movies and concerts depend on a bunch of moms taking their daughters to his shows. The S. America hooker stuff was a real mom killer, in moms saying no.


He still has more fans and money than 90% other artists so I wouldn't count him out. This from a non fan who buys nothing Bieber and thinks his behavior obnoxious.


Stick a fork in him, he's done.


He can always play a Lollipop Kid in the "Wizard of Oz" remake!


I guess all the stupid antics & being a dick has caught up to him? Karma baby! This man/child believed his own hype. Maybe laying low for the next year might be an idea?


When we are born the gods give us a certain amount of free coinage. The instructions are simple - use it wisely, and spread it over a lifetime. Some people have no introspection - thinking it will always be there and do not pay attention to there profits and debts. I think this boy/man has used up his coinage. Now he is on his own. The sin is hubris.

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