Celebrities Celebrate Christmas: The Best Cards, Photos

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We've already laughed at the Kelly Clarkson Christmas card.

And danced along with the Christmas Jammies family while singing along with this holiday-themed remix of We Can't Stop.

But plenty of other celebrities are celebrating this December, releasing a variety of cards and photos via the Internet.

There's Diddy and his many children... Stephen Amell and his adorable newborn... Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart with a very famous friends... and a lot more!

So click around below and get into the holiday spirit before it's too late...

Diddy Christmas Card
Alessandra Ambrosio Christmas Pic
Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld
Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan and Santa
Kendall Hugs Kylie
Naya Rivera Christmas Card
Joe Jonas Christmas Pic
Miley Cyrus and Mom: Happy Holidays!
Stephen Amell Christmas Pic
Mena Suvari Christmas Card

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