Bonnie & Clyde: What Did You Think of Lifetime, A&E & History Remake?

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Bonnie & Clyde began its two-night premiere on Lifetime, A&E and the History channel last night, and did its best to introduce the 1967 film to new audiences.

While by no means an attempt to upstage Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway‘s classic, it tried to rewrite the hit film with modern settings and viewers in mind.

Did it succeed?

Emile Hirsch starred as Clyde Barrow, mixing boyish charm with criminal ruthlessness in a character whom viewers could root against or become sympathetic to.

British actress Holliday Grainger, as Bonnie Parker, is fiery, fearless, and compelling as his partner in crime, whose chemistry with him was palpable.

Holly Hunter, William Hurt, Elizabeth Reaser and Sarah Hyland also turned in strong performances when the gun-toting duo wasn’t raising hell.

In order to enjoy Bonnie & Clyde, you basically had to not compare it to the original, a difficult task. But on its own merit, it was pretty good, right?

Part 2 continues the saga tonight. What do you think so far?


about as far from real history as anything I have ever seen on TV. Next week they will try to claim Bonnie and Clyde were two black people,, isn't any farther from the truth than this is

@ Randy

@Randy .... Only a bigot would find a way to review a show comparing its unrealistic portrayal to the likelihood of Bonnie and Clyde being black. Thanks for gracing this page with a review which wreaks of your fecal breath.


I turned it off after the first hour. They are trying to make a two hour special into a three day event. Way too many commercials and slow developing the story.

@ William Davis

Agree. Inaccurate story to top it off.

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