The Amazing Race 23 Finale: Who Won?

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Four continents, nine countries and more than 35,000 miles later, we finally have the winners of the 23rd (!) season of CBS' The Amazing Race

On Sunday night, our final four teams booked it to the finish line one last time in hopes of snagging the glory and the coveted one million dollar prize.

So who got it done?

Jason Case and Amy Diaz!

In an all out sprint across an Alaskan glacier, the dating couple from Boston defeated Tim and Marie and Nicole and Travis to be crowned the winners!

Co-creator and executive producer Elise Doganieri tells E! that the final leg of the Race is designed to "drain" the contestants as much as possible:

"After 12 legs of the race, we really test the contestants mentally, physically and even emotionally. We really drained them of every strip of confidence."

The goal of that, she says, is to "draw any last little bit of emotion that they had out of them, and to really push them to come together as a team."

Mission accomplished.

As for next season, she promised new countries and one of the most dynamic casts and challenging races to date, so the show is far from slowing down.

"We find that when a lot of people have been watching the show for many many seasons, they think they know the race really well," she said.

"The cast comes on thinking, 'I have seen this a million times, I know exactly what to expect.' So we are definitely throwing in some twists and some curve balls."

"Get ready for season 24!"

You know we will. Which team were you rooting for in the finals of The Amazing Race 23. Are you happy that Jason and Amy won? Comment below!

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