Robert Pattinson: Still in Love with Kristen Stewart?!?

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Contrary to a recent report, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not friends with benefits.

They're actually a lot more!

An insider tells Yahoo's OMG that Rob and Kristen have been using production studios and their friend Shannon Woodward's apartment to hang out often over the past few weeks.

And these meet-ups are about more than mere sex.

"Rob is still in love with Kristen and can’t keep away from her," the source says simply. "He’s tried flirting with other girls, partying and putting distance between them but there’s no other woman for him."

It's allegedly true.

Pattinson was recently linked romantically to Dylan Penn, but this new report says nothing came of that dalliance.

The actor supposedly turned to Stewart for career advice this summer when he was offered the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey and they've been growing closer ever since.

"Every time they see each other it's electric and Rob just can’t stop loving her," the mole claims. "Kristen is far more disciplined and hugely self controlled, she's trying to keep a lid on her feelings.

Kristen wants to let things take a natural course between them, she's conscious that she doesn't want her passion to get the better of her."

What do you think? Should Robsten give it another run?


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i like u sooo much robert


i like u sooooo much robert......l miss uuuuu........:-(.:-X


I hope it works for them. I've read so many negative stories about Kristen. People think they know her and don't think Rob should go back with her. That's really funny because only Rob can make that decision and what anybody else says it doesn't matter. Whatever they decide to continue as friends or lovers, that is up to them.


Just leave them alone. If they come out and say they are together then maybe the press will back off a little. It's all the speculation that keeps driving them on and making up lies about them. Both sides need to put out a statement or better yet they just need to be seen out together. Maybe they like this kind of attention but I don't think so. They don't owe us their personal lives but as their fans we would like to know the truth so we can back them or forget about completelyl From reading the gossip blogs there are alot of us getting a little tired of all the speculation and inuendos about them. It is getting tiring and boring. Just give us something guys!!!


Sometimes when I read about people like this, I thank God it's not me. I am so blessed.


Isn't she a dyke ? Damn guess I'm wrong again . At least she's not killing her kid while breastfeeding . Or chopping people into little bits . She's still a dumb dykkkkeeeerrrrr!


Isn't she a dyke ? Damn guess I'm wrong again . At least she's not killing her kid while breastfeeding . Or chopping people into little bits . She's still a dumb dykkkkeeeerrrrr!


I would love to see them together again


If the critics and the media would stay out of this relationship, things would be better for RP. Don't think KS has a problem with them. If they want this, stay out of it.