Rihanna: Topless Gangsta Zombie For Halloween (or Just 'Cause it's Thursday)!

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Rihanna celebrated Halloween dressed as a gangsta zombie. One who was topless at one point. We know. It's almost too shocking to put into words.

To achieve her “chola” look, RihRih wore saggy pants, Hilfiger boxers, an open plaid shirt with bloodstains, a bandana, and big hoop earrings. Solid.

Rihanna captioned the pics, ”My chola name was #ShyGirl.” Solid.

  • Rihanna Zombie
  • Rihanna Topless: Halloween Style!

She completed her spooky, October 31 ensemble with a fake tear tattoo under her right eye, another fake neck tattoo, goth makeup and black lipstick.

The marijuana-loving singer also posted a picture of herself smoking what appeared to be a fat a$$ joint, making this day truly one to remember for her.

Or just a regular Thursday night, given who we're talking about ...

Rihanna, Joint

The girl loves her some weed. Even more than getting topless.

Speaking of getting smoked, Chris Brown may be sweating bullets in rehab right now, as the probation officials he must report to are gunning for him.

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i didnt see a picture but if she was naked ooo boy


she hopes for mexican drug related money?


Is this girl allergic to clothes? I'm sick of all of these women parading around naked! It's enough!

@ janie

Stay sick of it and then tell the person sitting next to you. Hopefully it will catch on! You are correct- enough of the skanky shit- she's a woman- 2 tits 1 bush and 1 ass- its common, if you've seen one you've seen them all.

@ Sims

@ Sims haha... crazy one

@ janie

Then change the channel, you do still have that choice.


Ours stars amazed me sometimes http://talkbillion.blogspot.co...