Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom Split to Play Out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

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Will the relationship drama of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom be the primary focal point of the next season of E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

Last Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians season finale hinted at the end of Khloe and Lamar, with Khloe talking about the situation ... in part.

She did not offer any details about crack, women, rehab, or anything specific, but did admit he has issues that she feels she can't help him with.

Khloe told Rob Kardashian that while she's never one to throw in the towel, she has to protect herself as well, and the right move may be to step back.

Next season, sources say, the marital problems will take center stage.

She’s currently filming scenes about their marriage, insiders claim, so we may get a first-person look at the Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom drama yet.

The ninth season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will be “all about their marriage falling apart,” a source says, marking a big shift for Khloe.

Kardashian, 29, has protected the specifics of Lamar’s secrets for months, but she will finally confront their issues head on via her family reality show.

“Khloe’s current scenes ... are all about her troubles with Lamar,” a source connected to the show says. “It’s all about their marriage falling apart.”

Khloe has been extremely private about Lamar's alleged cheating and drug abuse, but has apparently agreed to air at least some of their dirty laundry.

Kris Jenner can be a persuasive force.

On Sunday's emotional episode, Khloe recalled her wedding with Lamar and the intimate moments that the NBA star shared with her and her family.

But, she confessed, she saw signs of trouble a long time ago, and sadly, she seems to have come to the conclusion that she can’t save Lamar.

“If someone, God forbid, gets their legs cut off or gets cancer, do you just leave someone because they’re like slowing down your life?” Khloe said.

“I’m trying to help and save, but there’s nothing more I can do.”

Unlike Kim Kardashian's baby North West, which Kanye may prevent from ever appearing on KUWTK, Khlomar may be the focus in the months to come.


Always stand by your man...he'll see what's should be you...someone he can always count me he'll see through and it will be you... Kardashians need to relax and let life play out, if you give life time to heal it always works out in the end...happiness starts with resolving issues that sometimes takes effort and patience


Has anyone ever informed the kardashians that it's illegal to talk on the phone while driving. You would think that their $100,000 cars would be equipped with Bluetooth.


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She was never anyone's favorite from the get go. This "personality" she suddenly has is because she started going along with the angry mob that attacked her sister for divorcing Lurch so quickly. Since Kim wasn't doing any interviews right after, Lurch was sent out on her behalf. As she was bashing her sister she was lying about her own marriage. Since everyone was saying how wonder her relationship was comparing to her sister she was by no means going to be honest about the lie she was living. She bashed Kris as well when her own husband was a hot mess. Had it not been for Kim this high school drop out would have been still working at the clothing store that they owned. I cringe everytime someone says she's their favorite. She wouldn't let Kim takeKris' last name, she had a fit when Kim was offered to do her own fashion and beauty line. Lurch made mommy talk Kim out of those plans so she could continue to carry her ungrateful greedy family. So don't get me started on this weirdo who would skin Kim and wear her because she wants to take her life over. By the way this weirdo doesn't have any childhood friends



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