Chinese Movie Theater Uses Fan-Made Thor: The Dark World Poster By Mistake

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The critics' Thor: The Dark World reviews were mixed, but no one will dispute that this is hilarious: A Chinese theater used a fan-made poster to promote the film.

A mistake? A clever guerilla, viral marketing effort? Either way, it's great.

The critics do love Loki. Maybe Thor does too, more than we thought.

The artwork in question shows Thor (Chris Hemsworth) clutching the villainous Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in a loving embrace, which he clearly doesn't do.

The actual poster, which inspired the parody, shows the hammer-wielding hero pulling the same move on girlfriend Jane (Natalie Portman), instead.

Check out both after the jump ...

  • Thor: The Dark World Fan-Made Poster
  • Thor: The Dark World Movie Poster (International)
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