Wade Robson-Michael Jackson Molestation Trial Hearing Set For June

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Wade Robson's recently-filed child molestation claims against the late Michael Jackson will be heard in court next June, or at least he'll argue it should be.

That's the initial step in the case. A trial date has been set to determine if the dancer will have a court hear his creditor’s claim against MJ's estate or not.

Wade Robson famously testified on behalf of Jackson in the singer’s 2005 trial, but is now saying the pop icon molested him for seven years as a kid.

The Estate is fighting 30-year-old Robson’s bid, on merit and on grounds that the deadline has long passed for creditors to file claims against the estate.

Robson, however, is claiming that he should have been served a notice of the administration of the estate when Michael Jackson died in June 2009.

The estate’s lawyers argue that they could not have anticipated Robson’s lawsuit, and that since MJ is not around to respond, it's sort of a moot point:

“Any further investigation into the factual allegations of the Petition will necessarily be compromised considerably by the untimeliness of the allegations.”

Robson said he was brainwashed by Michael Jackson to keep quiet about the abuse that took place and to protect him on the stand, which he did.

Wade alleges that Jackson once suggested to him: “People are ignorant and would never understand that we love each other and this is how we show it.

"If anyone were to ever find out, OUR lives and careers would be over.”

The hearing has been set for June 2, 2014.

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I think Wade is lying to his teeth can wait to they dig deeper! he knows how michael was and uses it against.. why should you believe that he was pedopfile, just because some media says so, and some mothers out for money- and if wade had said something years ago i would think about it- but come on the man is dead!!


I believe Wade 100%


Oh please, WADE IS GOING TO BE THROWN ON HIS @$$. There are people including in the media who are ready to knock down his lie if this go to trial (and that is a big IF it goes to trial). Anyone can sue and get hearing nowadays. People are tired of this mess now and all of these conartist going after MJ for money based on lies.


Oh please, WADE IS GOING TO BE THROWN ON HIS @$$. There are people including in the media who are ready to know down his lie if this go to trial (and that is a big IF it goes to trial). Anyone can sue and get hearing nowadays.

@ Amber

Cut it out Amber! Anyone with a brain knows Jackson was a pedophile.. No difference between him and Jerry Sandusky. Dozens of boys aren't lying, and certainly not Wade Robson who has an enormously successful career. this has nothing to do with money in this case.. Michael Jackson was a social deviant and a Drug addict with several different personality disorders compounded on top of sever mental challenges.. Get real girl! Wade is a hero to young boys who are being molested every day. God Bless Wade for coming forward. He will have several others and FBI files that will finally convince even his die hard fans that Jackson is guilty!

@ bobby

Excuse me, but what exact proof do you hold that Michael Jackson was a 'pedophile' Apart from the fact that you called him a drug addict, which in no way has anything to do with his molestation charges?
ANYONE who has watched Jackson's trial and read through the transcripts will know he's innocent, the FBI conducted a 10 Year investigation onto MJ and found not any piece of evidence to prove him guilty; That includes scanning all computers for child porn in his ranch, which they found nothing. And also they sent 70 Detectives into his ranch and still did not find ANYTHING questionable; And if I may add, the accusers of MJ were always contradicting during whenever standing trial and body language experts never found any signs of abuse from them either. Must I also inform you of the fact that over 30 Children stood trial during MJs 2005 trial and denied any abuse? And they still openly defend him to this day. Wade Robson on the other hand, decided to pop out of dark with these claims; After literally defending MJ until 2013, even if he first claimed of receiving 'repressed memories' in March 2011; If he was telling the truth, again, he would have to show signs of abuse or at least make sense with his claims.. Which he has not. He wouldn't be asking for money either, seeing that it doesn't serve him any justice now does it? Wade is not a hero either, Michael Jackson holds the Guinness world record for most money given to charity by a pop musician; Over $360+ Million given to worldwide charities, while Wade is after so,e of his estates money. Does MJ sound like a pedophile? Hell no, it's only people like you who look at his friendships in a sexual way, pull your head out of your ass and do the research yourself.

@ bobby

Anyone with brain will know he is not a pedophile ! Wade is just after money ! Use your brain :)

@ bobby

@Bobby, if Michael truly did all this, why didn't Wade come forward before? He claims he didn't realize it was abuse, yet what did he think they were grilling him about on the stand in 2005? If Michael really abused him, WADE deserves to be in jail for lying on the stand. Michael was proven not guilty, therefore you cannot say that he was a pedophile. You have no proof.

@ Ashley

MJ was never proven NOT guilty (except in the mind of devoted fans)!! He was not proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, there is a huge difference!! Plus, 4/12 of jury believed that he was guilty/pedophile and 2 actually regretted his acquittal.