Laziest Delivery Driver Ever: Caught on Video!

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A video online appears to have captured the laziest U.S. Postal Service delivery driver ever. Or perhaps the laziest human being overall. Hard to say.

Instead of walking down the sidewalk at this home, the USPS driver opts to drive her car across the lawn instead. Take a look at the footage below:

The clip was recorded by a security camera and uploaded by YouTube user "Sorikan."

"I simply have no words," the video description states. "The package was not heavy in any way, and yet this woman made the decision to do this."

NOTE: While the vehicle is emblazoned with the USPS logo, as is the package, the driver is not in uniform, sparking the obligatory "HOAX!!" rumors.

And after Jimmy Kimmel's epic Twerking fail, you really never can tell.

A USPS rep did not specify whether the woman in the video is an employee, although the agency did offer an apology for any alleged misconduct.

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Not all USPS drivers wear uniforms. My route is technically a "rural route" and my carrier drives her own vehicle and wears normal clothes. I'm not sure if the carriers who drive USPS vehicles are supposed to wear uniforms but this carrier is so lazy that she is probably too lazy to wear her uniform too.