Lamar Odom on Life, Love & Basketball: Take it One Day at a Time, Bro!

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Lamar Odom is just living, man. The troubled athlete made this mantra abundantly clear during an impromptu chat with a photographer in L.A. yesterday.

Instead of brushing off the paparazzo who approached him, the 33-year-old mused for several minutes about his life, health, relationships and career.

Lamar at Lunch

You don't see this too often, especially with a guy like Lamar, who's not only the subject of some insane stories lately, but is not exactly chatty by nature.

The celebrity gossip reporter was actually prepared to leave 3-4 times, but Odom kept talking cordially. Over the course of almost four minutes, he discussed:

  • His relationship with Khloe Kardashian ... who he wouldn't elaborate on, but made a gesture to by making point of showing of his wedding ring.
  • His prospects of returning to the NBA. "You gotta take it day by day," he said. "That's all you can do. Does being alive beat the alternative?"

(This was a big point. The photographer didn't understand his simple point the first 4-5 times he said it, so Lamar patiently dropped some knowledge on him.)

Other key points Lamar hit on during the quasi-interview:

  • His obsession with eating well. "It's the only way to become a champion," Odom says of his diet, in this case a delicious turkey sandwich.
  • His goal in staying healthy, he says, is "parades." As in what the Lakers won with him on the roster. It's all about winning. At hoops and life.
  • Kim Kardashian ... who he hadn't talked to on her birthday, at least not when this was taken (and who is now engaged to Kanye West).

While we'll have to see more from Lamar to really believe he's put his demons behind him, it's sure good to see him looking happier and healthier.

Think he and Khloe can work it out someday?


Yes, I believe Lamar and Khloe can work it out with love and hard work, they will find a way.


yep, he is doing all the right things at the moment........
(so dissing khloe is right)


Not sure he wouldn't be better off in rehab, but there are some people with enough inner strength to do this. Many ppl think AA and NA make you feel guilty and causes relapse. Even the experts haven't figured this out. Sounds like he believes in himself.


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