Kim Kardashian Doesn't "Qualify" for Hollywood Walk of Fame, Spokeswoman Says

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Kanye West believes Kim Kardashian should receive a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. He made that clear during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel this week.

But Ana Martinez, the spokeswoman for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, doesn't exactly agree with the rapper.

"We don't have reality stars on the Walk of Fame," Martinez says.

"We don't have a category for it. We're happy to consider reality stars once they get nominated for, or win, an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar."

This, of course, begs the question:

Has Martinez seen Keeping Up with the Kardashians?!? That's some top-notch acting right there!

But it's evidently not good enough for the organization behind handing out these honors, as Martinez concluded when asked about Kim:

"We'll consider [reality stars] when they're legitimate actors or singers."

Sigh. This means more Tyler Perry films for Kardashian, doesn't it?

"I know he loves her, and it's all very sweet," Martinez said of West. "But she doesn't qualify."

But SHOULD she? You tell us: Should Kim Kardashian receive a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame?


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Suck staring a Harley doesn't qualify as talent...well, then again


"We'll consider [reality stars] when they're legitimate actors or singers." ' That really answers the question, she's not a legitimate actor. Heck even her so called "reality" tv is scripted BS


If he wants her to be on the Walk of Fame,all he has to do is get a piece of chalk and start drawing.


Time to take this pig to the slaughter along with the rest of her no talent family..fucking trash is all they r


Why does it matter? Friggin Godzilla, Disneyland and John Tesh all have stars on the walk of fame. Let's not forget Dennis Franz either. Her show is fake but it's a massive hit which basically embodies everything that Hollywood is.


this entire family (sans kortney k.) is going to hell,,,,,,,,


You have got to be kidding me!!!! She is a delusional reality show,oh and no talent joke. That had a child with another delusional idiot. Sorry I just can't stop laughing at these people! Time is up!! Get a clue!


Kim kardashian should not be on the hollywood walk of fame! She's not an actress and she's a terrible reality star. Seriously?? Who does she think she is?


Talentless PIECE OF SH!T...A hollywood star for what sucking an std infested nghr's turd pipe?? Theres a hall of fame for that sloot,its caled AVN.


She looks like a black woman trying to look like a white woman with their blonde hair and spray tan -- and an ass bigger than Chicago!

@ Robocop

I don't like Kim but you are an idiot she is armenian they have that natural olive skin tone they don't have to get a tan but she doesn't deserve a star hope she never gets one