Kendall Jenner Instagram Pics: Inappropriate or In Good Fun?

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Kendall Jenner is at it again.

The 17-year old daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner is apparently dealing with her parents' separation by posing for somewhat seductive selfies in bed.

She recently puckered up and published the following pair of photos to her ever-growing (ever-inappropriate?) Instagram account:

Kendall Jenner Instagram Pic
Instagram Kendall Jenner Pic

This is far from the first time Kendall has struck a pose that some may deem far too mature for her age.

Remember these bikini and no-pants pics?

Or this photo of herself in a sports bra and workout gear?

Fortunately, Kendall turns 18 in just a few weeks (November 3), so let's hope she at least waits until then before her pictures REALLY get racy.

What do you think of this latest round of Kendall Jenner photos? They are...


I think this is just stupid they are harmless pictures she at a beach. its not like she was naked in her pictures she has a bikini on. I think you should just leave the poor girl alone. EVERYONE has pictures on of them at the beach on instagram.


this is an extremely harmless photo big deal..making a huge deal over nothing it is just a photo she is fully clothed not showing anything raunchy at all so back off the poor girl.. i have seen 10x worse of teenage girl's dressing like strippers and posting photos of themselves online and you wonder why they get a reputation of a *whore* because parent's are just getting too lazy make your kid's go outside and do stuff instead of being stuck on a computer all day and monitor what they do. It is called do not be a *lazy parent*


Quit trying to make something out of nothing!


When has appropriate behavior been modeled for her?


Kendall nor kylie are not virgins remember who is their mother is ok. Not judging Kris jk allowed her jenner girls to go on birth control at the age of 14 yrs.


but she definitely don't look like a virgin...and she's probly not.

@ Tiff-o

that waAS for period pain and acne control you dumb fuck i assure you they are both virgin


She cant help it if she looks good laying that way when having that picture took if she was an unattractive over weight girl I think no one would say anything of it at all


.................already Masturbating?


"attention must be paid"


Oh, sweet baby Jesus just make this mother family get agoraphobia!!!

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