Kelly Clarkson Wedding Video: Released, Beautiful

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Kim Kardashian got engaged to Kanye West last night.

Photos and videos from the event have since been released online, while Kim has posted a photo of her engagement ring and various family members have responded to the news across a number of social media networks.

Kelly Clarkson, meanwhile, got full-on married to Brandon Blackstock in Tennessee Sunday.

She didn't tell the world about the event, she didn't show off her ring and she barely acknowledged the major change in her life on Twitter.

But Clarkson has gone ahead and unveiled a beautiful video that takes fans inside these nuptials and you should check it out below:


I like her


She did tell the world.. she did post a pic of her wedding ring.. and she posted a pic of her wedding photo of her dress.. Kelly tells her fans everything on her Facebook page.. LOL Funny. Twitter isn't everything. You don't know what you're missing if you aren't on her FB. : )


Keep it up


ohhh, my gosh she's married already...!


Naïve americans still rule the country.(that's why the dire straits)


Bc Clarkson is classy! Fans/fam+ honeymooning with new husband v whoring it to media for press and $$. Looking to kimmys 3rd 72 day marriage.

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