Kelly Clarkson Marries Brandon Blackstock!

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Talk about keeping a low profile.

Kelly Clarkson married Brandon Blackstock yesterday at Blackberry Farm, a luxury resort in the Smoky Mountains of Walland, Tennessee.

But there were no photographs from the event, no major announcement from the original American Idol, not even a press release from her rep.

Instead, there was simply the following Tweet from someone named Renee Beranek, who had first-hand knowledge of the nuptials:

"Kelly Clarkson got married at Blackberry Farm today.. My sister is a chef at Blackberry Farms... CRAZY!"

Clarkson and Blackstock got engaged in December and had originally planned a major, widely attended affair.

But Clarkson then told People in August that she and her fiance were "overwhelmed" by the planning and about to become very busy in their professional lives, with Clarkson soon to release a holiday album and Blackstock managing clients around the country such as Blake Shelton.

So Kelly said the couple was going to elope - and they appear to have remained true to their word.

The only hint that a wedding was even afoot came in the form of a marriage license obtained by the adorable twosome on October 18.

Clarkson - who is now taking on the role of stepmother now Blackstock two children - has never been a singer who craved the spotlight, typically letting her incredible talent do the talking and PR for her.

She's been a THG favorite for years and we wish Clarkson and Blackstock a lifetime of happiness!

UPDATE: It's confirmed! Kelly has posted the following wedding portrait:

Brandon Blackstock with Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson Wedding Photo

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Beautiful pictures


I love Kelly Clarkson, this is beautiful. And the dress, amazing!


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Beautiful dress.They look very
sweet together.

@ lola+d.

Yes she is beautiful and so is her dress.


Finally a star is able to have a beautiful wedding, without all the hoopla of an expensive, show-off wedding. Congrats to Kelly and Brandon!

@ Nan

yessssssssssssssss, totally agree. she has always been amazing.

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