Justin Bieber: Using "Major Game" to Woo Selena Gomez!

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Justin Bieber may have been caught smoking weed again in a recent photo, but the singer is too busy with another task to give that scandal much thought right now:

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    My name is tomajah and I like Justin bieber and I hope you say mu name when you get on tv


    He looks like he's 12, and I bet his dick is the size of a gnat's. If she takes him back, she's the idiot cause she's hot and can do so much better than that little boy.


    very nic pic


    She's a total IDIOT if she gets back with him! He's so immature and will NEVER grow up! Yes, he may be an adult, BUT, there's still that young teenager instinct in him that will NEVER go away! She deserves much better! She's completely out of his league, PLUS, she's more mature for her age! You don't see her out there cussing people out, going to the bathroom in public, spitting on fans, doing drugs, or any of that! She can't be with someone who does that, when it's just plain DISGUSTING!


    She's plain stupid if she goes back to him. He needs to grow up ALOT more, he's so immature.


    He's a prick!!!!!


    SLENA DON'T GO BACK WITH JUSTIN! He's a spoiled brat ever since Usher discovered him and he's proven to be an asshat. I'm sorry but Selena can do so much better and I feel sorry for everyone that thinks they should be together. Seriously if it was meant to be why the games? If it was meant to be there would be no need for games, not only that but he's proven that he can be unfaithful to her. He's a jerk I mean HELLO have we not seen the picture of him on his bodyguard's shoulders because he MADE them carry him up the great wall of China, and spitting on his fans. Also having his bodyguard lift him like a baby out of his car. I mean come on Selena you have more common sense than this and you deserve SOOOOOOOO much better then him.


    I think that if Selena goes back to Justin she'll be making a very big mistake. He's shown he can't be true to her and has taken a wrong path in his short career.

    @ taketwo

    I agree with you 100%....Selena is 2 years older than Justin and she should date someone at the age of 23 to 25...She's a young woman now, why should she go back to the little boy with Android Steroids...


    Yes, JB & SG r meant 2 b.


    Is there a hole he can fall into?

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