Justin Bieber on Recovery: All About Selena Gomez Split!

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Selena Gomez may or may not have cried over Justin Bieber during a recent tour stop in Brooklyn.

But Justin Bieber made it very clear in a recent statement: his new track, "Recovery," is definitely all about Selena Gomez!

Along with releasing the above track on Monday, Bieber wrote a message to his fans that explained the inspiration behind the single.

“Recovery is an acknowledgement that in life you can’t just fall down and not get over things," JB wrote. "You have to step up and recover. At the time, I was going through a very hard break up and when you’re going through stuff like that, you think that the world is just gonna end.

"Then you wake up the next day and realize that life has to go on. Recovery is that feeling you get when you start to move on and make things better for yourself, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is here."

No, Justin doesn't mention Selena by name.

But is there really any doubt he's referring to their split in this single? Their "very hard" split, we should say, which officially took place toward the end of 2012?

The former couple has been spotted around ever since then, even posing together in a series of cozy Instagram photos.

But it's clear they are far from back together, although this could be Bieber's way of trying to make amends with his lovely ex. As for a response from the femae singer?

These Selena Gomez bikini photos are clearly meant as a taunt toward Bieber: Look what you had and look what you lost. Tough luck, pal.

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Selena is way too good for the Bieber, and she will end up with a way better looking, built better major movie star. Bieber was a Kiddie relationship, that wasnt meant to last. Bieber is too immature and chasing too many other women, and of course, Selena doesnt have to take that, cause she is way good looking and can get anyone.


Im sorry ya'll but i think all the haters of jelena shud just shut the f**k up...i personally like the couple


Recovery will be needed for the young man because a three month relationship is a long time.


love will remember :(