Justin Bieber Involved in South Korea Nightclub Altercation

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Justin Bieber has been involved in another nightclub altercation.

A few months after the singer was accused of orchestrating a beatdown outside an establishment in The Hamptons, a DJ named Michael Woods claims the singer "muscled" his way into his booth on Thursday night.

Justin Bieber  in Shanghai

According to Woods, there was a disagreement over the music being played and he responded by telling Justin to "f-ck off and put some clothes on."

He then alleges that Bieber punched the DJ's manager.

HOWEVER, the host of this party says Woods is greatly exaggerating.

He tells TMZ some words were exchanged between Bieber and the DJ, but no punches were thrown. He also says Justin then got a chance to spin inside the booth himself after Woods completed his set.

Bieber has also been accused in the past of spitting in a DJ's face in Ohio.

It doesn't sound like this is too crazy of a scandal for the young artist, but is it really what he needs right now? Will it harm his chances of wooing back Selena Gomez?


When will his fans realize hes so fucking immature.


JustinBieber I love your picture it is so hot Justin Bieber love your picture.(:(::(:(:(:(:(:!!!!!!!!! Love you JustinBieber


A young kid who has yet to learn the fruits of maturity at a serious cost. One thing you never do in another country abroad is start trouble. Why would he(bieber) feel so privilege to spend records anyway why not be cordial and keep it moving like most A-list stars professional. God has blessed him with so many gifts and in time if those gifts continue to be used to have this Bully attitude biebers gifts will be gone for good. Bieber is still a young kid, nothing more than trying to be something he isn't. GROW UP KID, to young for the club scene and drinking as well not a good look at all.Not judging, where is his mother she needs to snap his butt back to reality or does he run his mommas House?so sad. Beiber has many enemies does he not realize this it is all about competition in the rapping,hollywood world who is the best and who will always reamin on the top to be the best. Bieber needs to respect the countries he visit abroad at all times their laws and life styles are so different from ours and if he is not careful something serious could happen. Beiber should think of his own safety among the elites in other countries and show signs of maturity until he does people will not respect him.Prayers for this young man.


His mother raised him well. One day he is going to run across the wrong person. He is immature and needs to be locked up since he thinks he's so gangster? He's an immature little boy thinking he's a grown man because he has money now. His body guards protect him. He runs his mouth to people and knows he has body guards to protect him. He just makes me sick because he thinks he can get away with anything. He needs to really grow up!!

@ He makes me sick

Oh, you know all this how?
Because of some shit article in
this stupid gossip column?They
write this stuff for people like you
who are too dumb to figure out
what's real & what"s fiction.You
say his mother raised him well.
Do you know what city Justin is
from & all about his family? No,
I didn't think so.Do you know
all the families & needy people
Justin has helped out?The time he has spent with terminally ill
children? Have you made donations to the Food Banks
lately? Didn't think so.He is allowed to act like a young guy
because he is one.He just happens to be multi-talented so
bozos like you think they can say
anything about him.You are the
one 'running your mouth' about
a guy you know nothing about.
You need to grow up & realize
that this is a gossip site for people who do not question if
it is the whole truth.
That User Name ?Funny because
You Make Me Sick.
Do your research on Justin Bieber
before you run your mouths,
Little Bitches.


you guys are the jerk and jusin.babies hate you all !!!

@ @kelly

So jealous of Justin.These critics
are the immature ones.They certainly do not contribute to society like Justin does.
All they do is mouth off.Losers.


he is a brat with a bad attitude that should learn to be a man i can't believe he was ever my
roll model
l hate you j.b .


Justin bieber need help, i love this yun boy to mch n watchin him tarnishin his reputation is not good..sum1 need 2 help him


Immature fucking brat! Must've been acting tough with his bodyguards around again. I'd like to see him be top shit without them.


he must be glad about the nagative publicity this gives.


He is a target for guys who don't like him in those clubs. The last two cases were started not by him but by troublemakers. This D.J. insulted him after he merely requested that he play some hip hop; other pop artists have done the same thing in clubs. There is a conflict in the story of what happened next. In my book, he is innocent until proven guilty since others contradict the D.J. Of course, his haters will take the D.J's side.

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