Jon Gosselin Wants Kate Gosselin "Fishing Expedition" Lawsuit Thrown Out

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Kate Gosselin blindsided her former husband Jon Gosselin with a multi-million-dollar hacking, wiretapping and identity theft lawsuit earlier this summer.

Now he’s hitting back with a motion to dismiss what he calls a “fishing expedition” by the mother of his eight kids against himself and Robert Hoffman.

The lawsuit accused Jon and Hoffman, who penned an anti-Kate tell-all, of illegally accessing her computer, email, and bank accounts, which they deny.

Jon says her complaint “consists of little more than threadbare recitals of” her many accusations, and little in the way of explanation of what he allegedly did.

Claiming that Kate did not provide “sufficient factual allegations to demonstrate” the truth of her claims, the documents say that her complaint “is too vague.”

Specifically, she did not say which computer / online accounts were hacked, when they were accessed, or how information needed to do so was obtained.

Kate Gosselin's lawsuit, her former spouse claims in the new court documents, is "pure speculation, a fishing expedition, and should be treated as such.”

Perhaps more importantly, according to the documents, Kate decided to make these claims after the statute of limitations had passed, Jon believes.

She first publicly mentioned suspicions that Jon was accessing her personal information in 2009, and the statute of limitations for such claims is two years.

“Now, nearly four years later, [Kate] has apparently determined that the time is right [to sue] but it is too late,” the documents filed by Jon Gosselin allege.

Finally, according to the motion, if Kate wishes to sue for violation of privacy, she must admit that the allegations found in Robert Hoffman’s book are true.

Kate has called the book “defamatory and untrue,” so, the motion argues, she “disproves her [own] claim.” In other words, she can't have it both ways.

A judge has yet to rule on the motion.

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Well, poor Kate is going to have to learn to fight dirty and lie like John. Good people unfortunately do not always win, sometimes the scum bags do.


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@ Donna

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