Ireland Baldwin Dons Native American Halloween Costume, Lashes Out at "Pathetic" Critics

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Ireland Baldwin can feel your pain, Julianne Hough.

With that blonde dancer still taking heat over her blackface-based Halloween costume, Alec Baldwin's daughter is now coming under fire for her holiday attire: she's dressed like a Native American.

Many responded to the 18-year old's Tweeted headdress and war paint in a negative fashion last night... but have you met Ireland Baldwin? She is not one to back down from a fight.

Ireland defended the outfit by saying she isn't mocking Native Americans in general; she's dressed as a specific character from a specific movie, posting a photo of the chief from Peter Pan online and writing:

"This is who I was being for Halloween at Disneyland. You all are pathetic."

She also noted that her parents are of Cherokee heritage and she’s "well aware of what many tribes encountered in the past.”

Ireland Baldwin Halloween Costume
Ireland Baldwin as an Indian

As for the "pathetic morons" that "bring my family and other matters into the discussion?" She made it very clear: “You are all sad excuses for human beings.”

In the end, though, Baldwin sort of came around, Tweeting:

"I apologize if my Halloween costume offended you or your culture PERSONALLY. However, I don't apologize to a majority of you who thought it was necessary to return the favor with a lot of hateful mentions."

This is definitely a sore subject at the moment, with debate heating up over whether or not the Washington Redskins should change their name.

Do you find Ireland's Halloween costume to be offensive?


I am a Slapaho and I am really offended!!

@ Kayne

Nevermind. I thought she was in blackface.


I'm Cherokee Indian and I really don't give a fuck. It's just a HALLOWEEN COSTUME! she's right the whiners are pathetic. They'll find any excuse to cry and whine over NOTHING!

@ Krista Downing

you are white clearly you are so disconnected from the indigenous culture and you have never felt racism as a true native...fuck out of here with your I'm cherokee know nothing of your culture and its sad that convenience yourself with your 1/160 cherokee heritage to take a stand on an issue like this

@ Rubi Reyero

I am 100% Slapaho too.


Sims, wtf are u talking about? I dumba$$ why would blacks have anything to say to her when she wasn't dressed as a black person. Black people only get upset when their race is ridiculed and disrespected. U f'in c%$t

@ itsme

Hey dipshit- Induans aren't bitching about the Washington Redskins name either! It's blacks on the Tube that are talking about it being offensive- know WTF you are talking!


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Oh crap Baldwin... They will line up to get your vanilla ass now. Blacks from all around will label you racist, what were you thinking? Don't you understand -you owe the other side!

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