Hannah Anderson: Kidnapper Played Russian Roulette With Me!

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Hannah Anderson, 16, claims a family friend handcuffed her, bound her feet with a zip tie and tried to force her to play Russian roulette with his pistol.

The Southern California teen described new details of the frightening encounter with James Lee DiMaggio in a Today show interview on Thursday.

Her sit-down comes as an author prepares to release a scathing new book that questions the teen's story in the case that captivated the U.S. this year.

According to Hannah Anderson, DiMaggio used zip ties to bind her feet and then told her that he was going to take her to Idaho to help him settle there.

At that point he would release her, the San Diego-area teen claims he stated. Hannah was ultimately saved by FBI agents and returned to California.

"He told me that he was going to kidnap me and take me to Idaho, where my intention was just to carry his backpacks to the river," she said on Today.

"And that he was gonna live there. And then he'd get me home afterwards."

DiMaggio said her mother, Christina, and 8-year-old brother, Ethan, were alive. He then forced her to play Russian roulette on his couch, Anderson said.

"And when it was my turn, I just started crying and, like, was freaking out. And he said, 'Do you want to play?' And I said, 'No.' And I started crying."

"And then he's, like, 'OK.' And he stopped."

DiMaggio was killed by FBI agents in the Idaho wilderness August 10, a week after he allegedly abducted the 16-year-old and killed Christina and Ethan.

The remains of Anderson's 44-year-old mother and brother were later found in the burned home. Hannah said she is "just mostly sick and angry."

The teen's disappearance triggered a massive search and rescue effort spanning much of the western U.S. and parts of Canada and Mexico.

The Amber Alert helped, in more ways than one, as it has "helped me keep going through healing and stuff, knowing that people were looking for me."

Since her rescue, Anderson has avoided most interviews, preferring instead to respond to fans and confront skeptics directly on social media sites.

Critics see something fishy in a flurry of texts between Hannah and DiMaggio before the abduction as well as a letter from the teen in DiMaggio's house.

Author Chelsea Hoffman said she grew suspicious as she observed Hannah's behavior following her return, prompting her to write "The River of No Return."

The book is set for a November 2 release.

Authorities say Hannah was undoubtedly a victim. She has harsh words for critics, including one who asked why she hadn’t run away from DiMaggio, 40.

“How do you know he never had me handcuffed,” Anderson wrote. “Because there you are wrong. Don’t assume things you don’t know. Just stop.”


Lol. Everyday this story gets more weird. 13 text with 40+yr old man she has gone on many trips overnight with sleeping in same room. Moms car not there when she gets there yet moms car there during fire. First time handcuffs ever mentioned was when someone on ASK asked her "why didn't you run, he didn't have you handcuffed". Hanna's response "how do you know, I may have been". Seems that put that in her mind. Russian roulette seems so out of place and being as law said he was armed with "shoulder weapon", meaning long gun( rifle or shot gun). You can't play Russian roulette with those unless of coracle he left the pistol there (no mention of that). Her first story was mom/bro tied up in garage. Comes out bro was in house so her story changed to bro tied up upstairs. She now claims she could hear him trying to cry out. Now she was drugged and remembers nothing about trip. ? Confused about the part about her telling DiMaggio about fireing gun 3 times for SOS? What? Anyway so she says he fired 2 times I guess for SOS and FBI opened up on him? What the heck was she talking about. SOS? Is she trying to dramatize the story so as make it more exciting? Non of this last story makes any sence.

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