Duck Dynasty Recap: Who's Got Beef With Jerky?

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"As rednecks, we have the right to eat beef jerky." So speaketh Jason Robertson, and another episode of A&E's hilarious Duck Dynasty hath been born.

When Willie receives a package of Biltong, a South African form of beef jerky (because we all get that in the mail), he doesn't want to share it with the crew.  

A jerk about beef jerky, you could say.

This sets off the usual barrage of complaints in the duck call room, which prompts Si to set up an actual complaint box. There are just so darn many, jack!

Among them? There is no unlimited supply of coffee, or iced tea dispenser, or sofa for napping. Also, the toilet paper is like John Wayne ... it don't take crap off nobody!

Obviously, instead of doing actual work, this segues into the gang making their own beef jerky. Jase wants to call it Jase Jerky, and what better name could there be!

In the process, they learn that Big John Godwin has a dehydrator in his shed. There's also a lot of other things in his shed. Many of which are alive.

After a bike race and many more jokes at Si's expense, Jase wins and the lazy but endearing gang goes to make jerky. Except Jep, who is still racing.

As they make the jerky, there are more jokes about the stench and flies. Korie is increasingly put off by the smell, but it was worth it for the humor.

Elsewhere, Phil and Miss Kay visit Willie and tell him they're dying.

Not like right away, but the point was it will happen at some point, and leads into a conversation about who will get what when the couple does pass.

Miss Kay says she fell asleep in the bathtub. Willie says nobody dies from that, and they admit they're healthy, but the overall goal is still a valid one.

They're 65, and it's time to talk about this inevitability at some point.

They leave to check out the Robertson family land, a serious undertaking. They talk about who should get what and make backup plans for the assets.

Morbid, to be sure, but Willie looks at it as a way to spend time with his dad and says he will pretend to be surprised by whatever he is given in the end.

A good lesson. Also, they discuss urinating in an arc. Good times.

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