Eminem "Rap God" Lyrics: Offensive to Gays?

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Eminem may be a Rap God, but he continues to act like an enemy of the LGBT community.

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    fane talk


    I don't think he's even talking about "gay faggots" but just meaning faggot as like an idiot or dumbass or something....


    Fuckin' faggots have too many rights nowadays, that shit ain't right! So,... squeegee the shit off your dicks and man up, pussy is where its at, u monkey fucking, AIDS infested, pole polishers. Em's just spittin' the truth, deal with it or go cry into a tampax. Maybe your sister has a spare!


    He's Eminem. He's said way worse in his other tracks. Get over yourselves..... Or go F*** yourselves.


    its disgusting.

    @ amanda

    Your disgusting.


    And what does it matter that Eminem offends the gay community?? I could care less. Eminem offends all types of communities. Stop trying to draw attention to yourselves. Eminem doesnt give a crap who he offends and he shouldnt.


    Sigh are we still on about the whole "offensive thing" really people its 2013. Even people like Jeffrey Star have embraced Eminem. Its a frickin word, no one is going to ban it. https://twitter.com/JeffreeStar/status/390321124812152832


    Eminem has always used the term "Fag" or "Faggot" the same way most black rappers use the N-Word. He has stated in interviews that the word Fag was tossed around in jest when he was a child, and in no way does he mean for it to be offensive to gays.

    @ Rita

    So basically it all depends who is saying it.

    @ Les

    You really have some self-esteem and sensitivity issues. You need to understand the context in which the word faggot is being said. Straight people can be called faggots. its just a derogtory term as much as idiot moron bitch and a**hole are...please enlighten yourself

    @ Les

    Les don't be a smart a** you know what she ment. Gays are just trying to find a reason to get back in the spotlight since the whole gay marriage has blown over. they want nothing but attention. but when it comes to eminem they probably wont get it. he has no filter and is not scared to say anything. he is awesome to me.

    @ bitch

    Awesome to you and that tells me what I need to know. I could care less about M&M or any other dick holding individual. Gay marriage is not blown over because society is bent over so they can have their way.

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