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On Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 2, we picked up not long after Alan and Walden's surprise gay marriage proposal on the final season premiere.

If you missed it, Walden convinces Alan to marry him so he has a better chance at adopting a baby, setting the stage for the sitcom's huge gay sendoff.

Walden, we're reminded again on Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 2, wants to leave a legacy in this world but just can't find the right woman.

What he can find is a great "husband" in Alan.

Alan has nine out of ten qualities that Walden is looking for (you can do the math on the missing 10th), which isn't a surprise since they are best friends.

Really, why haven't more single bros desperate to adopt babies alone thought of this incredible faux gay workaround? It begs the question, that's for sure.

Not that there aren't some snags, even in this near perfect relationship. Alan wants a destination wedding, while Walden just wants a courthouse ceremony.

Also, Alan is offended when Walden asks to get a pre-nuptial agreement, which is probably just in this (or any) billionaire's DNA at this point in life.

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Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson may be opponents on the court.

But they have agreed to be partners off the court... for life.

The WNBA stars are now engaged, after Griner got down on one knee Thursday night and popped life’s most important question to Johnson.

Griner, a two-time WNBA All-Star, plays for the Phoenix Mercury, while Johnson is a member of the Tulsa Shock.

Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson

"Last Night was a Night to Remember I became the happiest person on this earth! (almost pass out but when that one word came out I came back to life)," Griner wrote on Instagram. "Me and my baby @missvol25 are in it for Life!"

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Two and a Half Men has certainly known its share of controversy (see Sheen, Charlie).

So it should come as little surprise that the CBS sitcom is courting more of it heading into its final season.

Speaking to reporters today at the Television Critics Assocation summer press tour, network Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler revealed the show's main upcoming storyline.

"Walden [Ashton Kutcher] is going to have a major health scare and it's going to give him a little bit of an existential crisis," the executive teased.

Looking to "add more meaning to his life," the character will decide to adopt a child.

Walden and Alan on Two and a Half Men

HOWEVER, "he realizes it's very difficult to adopt a child as a single, straight man," so "once and for all he decides I'm going to propose to Alan," Tassler explained, adding of Walden's thought process:

"We're going to get married and we're going to adopt a child as a gay couple. That's going to start the season on Two and a Half Men and I think we're off to a great ride."

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Demi Lovato is once again standing up for a cause she believes in.

The singer, who revealed last month that her late grandfather was gay, is featured in a new public service announcement on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign.

In the footage, she makes a strong push for marriage equality across the board.

"I believe that love comes in all different shapes, sizes and colors, so whether you are LGBT or straight, your love is valid, beautiful, and an incredible gift," Lovato says, adding:

"So let’s protect love and strengthen the institution of marriage by allowing loving, caring, and committed same sex couples to legally marry."

Lovato served as the Grand Marshal of the L.A. Pride Parade last month, performing in front of thousands and giving the finger to haters.

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How do you get more controversial than a commercial that asks folks what they poop on?

Allstate has the answer.

The insurance company has unveiled a new commercial titled “Safe in My Hands” that is set to an original song by Eli Lieb and which chronicles a boy with one large hand.

We watch as the young man is judged throughout his life… until he finds someone just like himself: another male.

“We believe everyone should be treated with respect and without judgment no matter who they love,” Allstate says on its site, while the following spots adds:

"Everyone deserves to be in good hands."

What do you think of this LGBT-friendly commercial, THGers?

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Jim Parsons is a multi-time Emmy Award winner. 

He is beloved for his role as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.

But the actor admits in an interview with Ellen DeGeners this week... he's a total loser.

Parsons is put on the spot while talking to the comedian when the topic of gay marriage is broached. He’s been with boyfriend Todd Spiewak for 11 years, yet the two are yet to exchange any vows.

What's the hold up?

"I feel like I haven't been enthusiastic enough about it," Parsons says in the following exchange. "And now I feel like I'm a loser for the cause."

Parsons came out as gay in a May 2012 New York Times interview, simply mentioning his relationship in an interview about his Broadway career.

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Children are often the best role models.

Consider this little girl, who was open and honest in telling her boyfriend why the two needed to break up.

Or this awesome young student, who passive aggressively called his teacher out for not actually reading through his test answers.

And now consider the following toddler. Upon meeting his first homosexual couple, he at first finds the concept "so funny" because, come on, he's a kid.

But then the tyke asks the only question that should matter ("So, you two love each other?") and goes on about his life, even making it clear there won't be any discrimination in his impending ping pong match.

You've gotta watch this:

Little dude, we'll play ping pong with you any time.

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It's well established at this point what Kirk Cameron thinks gay marriage is not just unnatural, but "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

This is a man who is on record saying he would tell a gay child that, "just because you feel one way doesn’t mean we should act on everything we feel."

So it's no surprise that in a new video for the Alliance Defending Freedom, Kirk seeks to help people he says are shunned for being opposed to same-sex rights:

Skip on up to about the 20-minute mark for key takeaway: When people promote gay rights, those people are basically anti-God and/or anti-American.

At least according to Cameron's Alliance.

Moreover, if college campuses hold gay pride events, they are "indoctrinating" students against Christian principles, and thus violating the constitution.

This, he believes, must be stopped.

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Are you in love, on a budget and living in New York City?

Then get yourself over to the City Clerk's office ASAP!

As promoted today by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet on Good Morning America, ABC is footing the bill (typically $35) for all marriage licenses and wedding ceremonies that take place inside this building on Monday.

Cam and Mitchell

They are doing so in promotion of the Modern Family Season 5 finale, which focuses on their characters of Cam and Mitch finally getting tying the knot after years of dating and raising a daughter.

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HGTV has gone backward on plans to Flip It Forward.

The network announced via its Facebook page yesterday that it has pulled the plug on this upcoming series due to the homophobic views of hosts David and Jason Benham.

David and Jason Benham

Flip it Forward had been scheduled to premiere in October and would have tracked families who created their dream homes from fixer-uppers.

HOWEVER, the twins are the sons of controversial evangelical minister Flip Benham and have a history of preaching against homosexuality, abortion, and divorce.

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