Dina Manzo on Real Housewives of New Jersey Return: Fire Jacqueline Laurita!

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Just a few days after its latest season finale, The Real Housewives of New Jersey casting carousel is spinning furiously.

Teresa Giudice is desperate to return. Caroline Manzo is leaving for a spinoff. And Dina Manzo may become a series regular once again.

An insider says Dina "wants to come back," but she has one very strong condition for her return:

She "wants [Jacqueline Laurita] fired first because she is afraid of fighting with her,” a source tells Huffington Post blogger Tom Murro.

Manzo walked away from this Bravo franchise way back in June 2010, blaming Danielle Staub at the time and saying her ex-costar was an angry, "very troubled lady."

Dina is now separated from her husband, but needs to be financially independent in order to file for divorce.

"If Dina makes enough money on her own then she can leave her husband, if not she’s going back to him," an insider tells Radar Online. "She’s already attempted a few shows to further herself but they fell apart. RHONJ was her only option to stay in the limelight for now.”

And if Manzo does make a return to the series that made her sort of famous?

"The onion will be unpeeled next season," teases this same source.

Do you hope to see Dina Manzo back on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?


Tamara hope

What is it with Dina she seems to be scared of everyone including her own shadow! But I think it is all a act to get people to feel sorry for her. Who does she think she is demanding they fire Jaq. for her to come back. That's cold & its family too! She isn't too scared to make demands that would make someone like Jaq mad. But the big kicker is she wants to make $ so she can leave her husband. I got a Idea why don't you go out & get a real job in the real world & not use your husband if you can't get on the show! If I were him I'd throw you to the curb just for saying you need his $ if you don't get back on RHWONJ!


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