Sandy Schultz Outs Herself as Third Lamar Odom Mistress

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Sandy Schultz has come out as the third known mistress of Lamar Odom.

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    1st lets address the racist in the blogs. you coward hide your name and your face. i tell you what wont you expose yourself and stop hiding.
    2-what two grown people choose to do right or wrong is their choice not ours. thats whats wrong with this everyone is judging. its like looking at a book cover and assuming. well you all know what they say when you assume!!! by the way last time i checked there were no perfect people in this world and if you say you are your liar.
    3-this girl is known to get around google dwayne and sandria??/ tell me if it is not the same person, i know this girl personally, she is what she is. its just so crazy all these women know he is marrie and choose to keep a relationship with a married man. that alone is bad, but now they want their 5 minutes of fame why else would they come what motives did they really have? how come when you first met him and things were starting did you not come out. prob as soon as he dropped you you felt sad and hurt and thats why you cam out. grow up get you own life and get your life together


    What is it with this man and alliterative women? KK, PP and now SS...


    Fame whore's Not to say if this is true, he is a fool.


    Another "Pimps up Hoes Down"scenerio.


    thtas what these black athletes get for reaching in the trash getting white trash no better fro his black ass i hope the dope dealers get all his money and let him smoke his self away


    She just admitted to prostitution. No shame. smh


    my roomate's step-sister makes $66 every hour on the laptop. She has been laid off for eight months but last month her payment was $13476 just working on the laptop for a few hours. look here..........


    I say...Hang that jigaboo by his monkey nuts while us decent true southern white folk give him a lashing he'll never forget.
    Mama...hand me my shotgun. I'm a goin coon huntin.


    HAZEL: You're disgusting! What does a person's skin colour , have anything to do with people and their relationships!!?? Our HEARTS are colour blind... you can't choose what your heart feels for someone. People like you are so phking annoying. Different strokes for different folks- ever hear of that??? Not everyone feels the same. Just as you might find someone unattractive, doesn't mean others will also. Myself, I think he's cute but "To EaCh HiS oWn" and the skin colour has nothing to do with it. Birds with birds, dogs with dogs. etc.,??? Give me a phking break!!!!


    Isnt this about crack and whores ?
    Thats why the ppl in here are so ghetto.

    @ JoeyMo

    YeAh, they're talking about your mom and your girlfriend again!

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