Oscar De La Hoya Cocaine Photos: For Sale?

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Photos of Oscar De La Hoya on an apparent cocaine binge in Las Vegas are on the market and being shopped to the highest bidder, according to reports.

De La Hoya

The alleged pics show how scary his addiction was and may explain the timing of De La Hoya going to rehab just before his epic fight as a boxing promoter.

The images were taken at a Vegas hotel room a few weeks before the former boxing champion announced he was back in rehab, and are not good.

According to TMZ, they appear to show the athlete using a rolled up bill to do lines of a white substance - presumably cocaine - off a plate on a table.

Another pic shows De La Hoya leaning back from the table, grimacing.

The photos offer a possible explanation for why Oscar went to rehab days before the Mayweather-Canelo fight, in which he was promoting the latter.

Normally, he would've been front and center for that major event.

Sources say he was "off the hinges" at the party in the photos, and made the decision to check into rehab shortly after realizing how bad he's gotten.

He is reportedly aware of the photos, though he has not commented.


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