Miley Cyrus, "Wrecking Ball" Video DEMOLISH Vevo Records

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She's been under intense scrutiny, to put it mildly, but if Miley Cyrus' goal is to make music history and be talked about, chalk this week up as a win.

Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" video attracted 19.3 million views in its first 24 hours online, 44 million in 48 hours and 71 million in 72 hours. All records.

In the process of her naked riding of the wrecking ball, she's re-writing record books and helping Vevo annihilate its competitors like never before.

These days, Vevo dominates the world of online music videos to a degree that is surprising considering the pedigree and head start of its rivals.

In August, Vevo racked up 49.3 million unique visitors and 609 million video views, crushing its nearest challengers, MTV, Yahoo and AOL music.

And that was before "Wrecking Ball" even came out.

The company, founded in 2009, was launched with the backing of Universal Music and Sony Music Entertainment, two of the three largest record labels.

Miley Cyrus' label, RCA, is under Sony.

Having established its centrality among music fans on YouTube, Vevo is now aiming to conquer the next big thing in music videos: mobile distribution.

Says Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff:

“Last year in the U.S. alone, 51 percent of our streaming happened off of the PC - on mobile, tablet, and television. That’s really what’s driving our growth.”

That and Twerking.

But seriously, the "emotional experience" that is Miley Cyrus growing up before our very eyes is not only generating buzz, but changing the industry.

She can't stop ...

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Not all attention is good attention. THAT IS ALL


Man, I have a friend who seen Wrecking Ball and she hated it and so did IIf Miley were to read these comments I would say to her "You ruined the Party Song. Hannah Montana was awesome until she became like this, Miley!"


Miley Cyrus was a good person, and now she's supposivley "the better side of her"

@ rawr101



Miley asked her fans to keep this video on an auto play loop. You'd think she'd be satisfied with what she has (more money than she can ever spend and minimal talent) but her greed demands more.


It's because she's the but of jokes like chris Crocker, I watch her videos just to gawk. Nobody respects her rihanna wanna be. BTW RIHANNA'S ABUSIVE BOYFRIEND LEFT HER BECAUSE SHE'S A SKANK smh
Google her clutching a handbag with a penis on it. Rihanna is classless. More so than miley. Yet DUMBASS moms buy their kid's the music. And we wonder why America is ghetto. Smh


Sorry about the typos. Touch pad.


Google PEDOBEAR. Familiarize yourself with the Lego which is used in pedophilic circles to signal their intent to one another. Check out the police warnings about it. Look at the meme, the cartoon, depicting it. It is the same image that the VMA dancers your on their backs. PEDOBEAR was voted miley Cyrus's no. 1 fan. (Google that too!) I'm not making this stuff up. Look at Miley's VMA performance again. She is dressed like a prepubescent child, dances that way too, in sneakers and flat footed leg kicks. And then please remember this, miley is a product which is owned by a corporation, which directs your perception and spends millions upon millions of dollars to direct your mind.

@ Default+Setteen

And then you start hearing messages through your radio telling you to stalk children,

@ lyza

MIley should never have made a song, SHE JUST RUINS THEM!


it's simple.........HER RECORD COMPANY DID IT.(protect the jobless?)


Intense scrutiny? I would say that is putting it mildly. She has sold out. She has proved that she ALSO can be a sloppy, scummy, trashy no talented bitch that MUST get bare to retain any attention at all. This script is always short lived. She is one newfound Tennie bobber away from becoming yesterday's news. That tongue must have 9 different kinds of STD and the only other female that could match her STINCH would be any given Black Balled Kardashian. Thrown in a Rhianna and you would have a smorgasbord "Shit" buffet.

@ she's history

ur right, she's history, and next time no bad words plz, i'm only 10!