Melissa Joan Hart Explains It All, Writes About Past Drug Use

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Take note, Zac Efron: there's hope for you yet.

In an upcoming memoir - "Melissa Explains It All," due out October 29 - former child star Melissa Joan Hart opens up about a past filled with steamy affairs and drug-fueled parties.

Melissa Joan Hart Book

“I experimented with weed, Ecstasy, mushrooms and mescaline for about a year and a half,” Hart tells Life & Style of what readers can expect from the book, adding that she once posted for a 1999 Maxim photo shoot while high.

Hart says she ran with a "bad crowd" for awhile, but tried to draw the line when she could.

The actress claims she once turned down an offer of cocaine from Paris Hilton, though a rep for that Z-lister denies the allegation.

“I just didn’t enjoy taking drugs," she says. "I don’t like the loss of control.”

Among other tidbits: Hart enjoyed make out sessions with "man whore" Jerry O’Connell and Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter.

She also isn't a fan of Ashton Kutcher, saying she the actor made some "smartass remarks" back in the day and the two "just didn't get along."


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TMI Did we really have to know all this about you? Some things are better left unsaid. I'd prefer to be in the dark sometimes. Is the drug use the reason you were such a bad actress??


A second person who doesn't like Aston Kuchner. Truly don't get him being a star at all.


again for Naïve americans only? (just send her money)

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